St George
Saturday, 13 July 2002 in 2h 50 (14–2–18)
5088 Percy's Tea Strainer Treble Place Major
Composed by Nathan J. Pitstow
1 Michael J Campbell
2 Keith G Game
3 Simon Kemp
4 Harry E Blamire
5 Richard A Smith
6 Alban D Forster
7 Michael A Birkbeck (C)
8 Dickon R Love
1st peal: 1 (this being the tower where his grandfather, William John Rawles, learnt to ring) 1st peal in the 21st century: 3. A wedding compliment to Dorothy and Percy. Post Script Percy wishes the following announcement to be made: "GIRLS! Percy is still available and is not hitched! His arms are always open and his tongue is always poised! He has even learned to open his eyes before he commences a snog, learning from a mistake at the last Drivel p*ss up!"
This peal included a first peal ringer on bell 1