St Thomas
Thursday, 18 March 2010 in 11h 19 (11–2–6)
20160 Spliced Surprise Royal (56m)
360 each Abbey Stadium, Allington, Ashton Gate, Beginning, Bernese Alps, Bourne, Bramall Lane, Bristol, Burnden Park, Burnley, Cambridge, Carrow Road, City Ground, Clifton, Clyde, Cork, Craven Arms, Craven Cottage, Elgin, Enniskillen, Essex, Fereneze, Gay Meadow, Goldfinger, Green Goblin, Gresty Road, Harleston No.2, Jugsholme, Kananga, Kassam Stadium, Kegworth, Kenilworth Road, Kings Norton, Lincolnshire, Loftus Road, London No.3, Lufkin, Middlesex, Nideggen, Otterbourne, Pudsey, Quixwood, Savernake, Southampton University, St James' Park, Stink Bomb, Stinking Bishop, St Neots, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sussex County, Telluride, Thimbleby, Twistle, Vermuyden, York, Yorkshire; 503 changes of method, all the work
Composed by John R Leary and Philip J Earis
1 Stephanie J Warboys
2 David C Brown
3 Philip J Earis
4 David J Pipe
5 Robin O Hall
6 Andrew J Graham
7 Simon J L Linford (C)
8 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
9 Robert W Lee
10 Michael P A Wilby
Longest peal of Spliced Surprise Royal and most methods all the work Spliced Surprise Royal.
The following methods were rung for the first time:
Telluride 30-56.14-56-230-14-50.4-4.50-4-50,2
Green Goblin,2
Ashton Gate 3-56.4-,2
Stink Bomb -50-14-256-1236-14-50.36.12-70-38.16.30,2
Carrow Road 34.50-14-56-36.14-14.30.12-12.30-14-90,2
Harleston No 2 -38-1478-70-38-1470-38-14-3470-38-90,1
St James' Park -38-1456-7-36.14-34.50.16-16.70-78-10,1
Kassam Stadium 34.5-4.5-2.3.2-4.5.6-6.7.6-6.7,1
Gay Meadow -3-4-56-6-2-3-6-5-8-7,1
Abbey Stadium -3-4-5-6-347-38-256-367-8-1,2
Craven Arms 34-5.6-56-36-4-23-4-27-58-3,2
Bernese Alps -56-4.56-5.36.4-7.58.6-6.7-6-1,2
This peal has been recognised as a record length in the method.