Barrow & District Society
Holy Trinity
Sunday, 21 June 2009 (16¼ Cwt)
1320 Conquering Bear Bob Cinques
Composed by 6W (--S--S)
1 K Joan Barton
2 Jennifer A Murch
3 A Debbie Scarf
4 Jenny Bennett
5 Jane Bonell
6 James E Hibbert
7 Andrew C Bennett
8 Rt Revd Barry F Peachey (C)
9 David E Hibbert
10 Robert H Jordan
11 Christopher M Baxter
12 Peter Mavity
1st Quarter Peal in the method. Rung on Fathers Day to celebrate the Baptism yesterday of Diana and Laura Ukina, and with best wishes to Rod Naylor and his family of this church who is currently battling serious illness.
Matho Wayúhi (Conquering Bear) (1800 - August 19th, 1854) was a Brulé Sioux chief who signed the Fort Laramie Treaty (1851). He was shot in the back by cavalry under Lt Grattan who entered his camp to arrest a Sioux who had shot a calf belonging to Mormons. All 30 troopers were annihilated, in the resulting Grattan Massacre.
Conquering Bear Bob Cinques: 347890E.1.E.1.E.1.E.1.E.1.E -12E
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