Barrow & District Society
Holy Trinity
Sunday, 14 September 2008 (16ΒΌ Cwt)
1320 Spotted Elk Bob Cinques
Composed by (--s--s)H
1 A Debbie Scarf
2 Richard D Gibson
3 Jane Bonell
4 Amanda J Plaskitt
5 Jennifer A Murch
6 James E Hibbert
7 Judith S McCoy
8 David E Hibbert
9 Rt Revd Barry F Peachey (C)
10 Robert H Jordan
11 Peter W McCoy
12 James Fraser
1st Quarter Peal on 12 'inside' - 3. 1st Quarter Peal in the method.
Si Thanka (Spotted Elk) (1824-1890), also known as 'Big Foot', was the leader of the Minneconjou Sioux who was massacred with over 300 of his people at Wounded Knee in 1890, thus ending the Indian Wars on the northern plains.
Spotted Elk Bob Cinques: 5678E.1.E.1.E.1.E.1.E.1.E - 12E
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