All Saints
Friday, 8 May 2009 in 40m (9 cwt)
1260 Doubles (9m/V)
Shipway, Beacon Hill, Old Winchester Hill, Pilot Hill, Selborne Hill, Portsdown Hill, Danebury Hill, Hurstbourne Hill, Butser Hill
1 Paul Myers
2 Carol Waller
3 Joanne A Pocock
4 Ken Waller
5 Ben Waller (C)
We believe the following variations to have been rung for the first time:
100u/f - Beacon Hill
100u/h - Old Winchester Hill
100w/c - Pilot Hill
100w/f - Selborne Hill
100w/h - Portsdown Hill
100y/c - Danebury Hill
100y/f - Hurstbourne Hill
100y/h - Butser Hill
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