Lancashire Association
Cathedral Church of Christ
Tuesday, 4 September 2012 in 4h 20 (82)
5100 Stedman Cinques
Composed by John Pladdys
1 James C Marchbank
2 John Pladdys (C)
3 Adam R Crocker
4 Peter L R Hayward
5 James E Andrews
6 Mark A Collings
7 Robert J Crocker
8 Andrew B Mills
9 Lenard J Mitchell
10 Peter L Furniss
11 Gordon R Birks
12 Pauline C Champion
  Thomas J Waterson
For the centenary of the death of Thomas Bartlett, donor of the bells, this being the 40th peal on them.
Congratulations to Pauline, the first woman ringer "on top" ringing this bell to a peal.
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