St Wilfrid, Duncombe Place
Saturday, 14 March 2009 in 3h 1 (18 cwt)
5004 Spliced Royal
8 methods: 720 each Acomb Delight, Copmanthorpe Delight, Fulford Delight, Horsleydown Surprise, London No.3 Surprise, Sgurr Differential Surprise; 504 Mulberry Hall Little Alliance; 180 Skeldergate Bridge Little Alliance; 125 changes of method, all the work
Composed by D G Hull
1 Cecilia E C Pipe
2 Ruth Curtis
3 David G Hull (C)
4 Michael H Tompsett
5 Clive G Smith
6 David J Pipe
7 Ian G Campbell
8 Paul F Curtis
9 Alan Regin
10 George H Campling
With best wishes to Eliza Hull for her 2nd birthday.
The following methods were rung for the first time:
Acomb Delight Royal:
2z 34-5.4-2-1-34-5.4-4.5.4-4.5 (1425739608)
Copmanthorpe Delight Royal:
c1 -3-1-56-6-2-3.2-6.7.6-6.7
Fulford Delight Royal:
2z -34-1-256-6-4-5.4-4.5.4-4.5 (1362485079)
Mulberry Hall Little Alliance Royal:
m -5-4.5-7.6.7-
Sgurr Differential Surprise:
d -5-4.5-2.3-34-5.6-6.7-6-7
Skeldergate Bridge Little Alliance Royal:
2z -5-4.5-56.1-56 (1534028967)
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911