Bacton, Suffolk
2 Pretyman Avenue
Sunday, 1 November 2009 in 1h 30 (12F)
5040 Spliced Minor (69m)
(1) Dover over D1 Diff., Dover over D2 L.Diff.H., Dover over Cambridge, Carlisle over D1 L.H., Carlisle over Mendip L.Diff.H., Carlisle over D2 L.H., London over Mendip Diff., London over Cambridge, George Orwell over D2 Diff., George Orwell over Cambridge L.H., Benets over Mendip, Benets over Cambridge, Mendip under Dover Diff., D2 under Dover L.H., Cambridge under Dover L.H., Mendip under Carlisle L.H., D2 under Carlisle Diff., Cambridge under Carlisle L.H., Mendip under London, Cambridge under London L.H., D1 under George Orwell L.H., Mendip under George Orwell Diff., Cambridge under George Orwell Diff., D1 under Benets, Mendip under Benets L.H., D2 under Benets Diff., Cambridge under Benets L.H. (2) Aberfeldy, Aberlour, Abhainn Dearg, Cambridge, Ailsa Bay, Allt a Bhainne, Ardbeg, Mindy, Ardmore, Isle of Arran, Auchentoshan, Carlisle, Auchroisk, Aultmore, Balblair, Ballechin, Balmenach, The Balvenie T.P. (3) Banff, Gruzzles, Aberfeldy, Aberlour, Abhainn Dearg, Cambridge, Ben Nevis, Ben Wyvis, BenRiach, Pepsi, Benrinnes, Benromach, Meynell Langley, Barham, Ardmore, Isle of Arran, Auchentoshan, Carlisle T.P. (4) Austin, Blackwood, Benrinnes, Benromach, Meynell Langley, Barham, Aberfeldy, Aberlour, Abhainn Dearg, Cambridge, Ben Nevis, Ben Wyvis, BenRiach, Pepsi, Ardmore, Isle of Arran, Auchentoshan, Carlisle T.P. (5) Bladnoch, Blair Athol T.P. (6) Aggies, College Bob IV, Bowmore, Braeval, Brora, Bruichladdich T.P. (7) DJPJ, Poolio, RTF, Reef T.P.
1–2 Cherril C Spiller
3–4 Andrew J W Tibbetts (C)
5–6 Jeremy W Spiller
The following methods are rung and named for the first time:-
Dover over D1 Differential Minor:
x36x16x12x16x1256x1456 (lh 235614)
Dover over D2 Little Differential Hybrid Minor:
x36x16x12x16x3456x56 (lh 253614)
Dover over Cambridge Minor:
x36x16x12x36x1456x56 (lh 236514)
Carlisle over D1 Little Hybrid Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x1256x16 (lh 235146)
Carlisle over Mendip Little Differential Hybrid Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x1456x3456 (lh 534216)
Carlisle over D2 Little Hybrid Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x3456x36 (lh 254136)
London over Mendip Differential Minor:
36x36.14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 632514)
George Orwell over D2 Differential Minor:
36x56.14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 256314)
Benets over Mendip Minor:
56x36.14x12x16x1456x1256 (lh 462315)
Mendip under Dover Differential Minor:
x1456x16x12x16x36x1234 (lh 541632)
D2 under Dover Little Hybrid Minor:
x3456x16x12x16x36x1234 (lh 524631)
Cambridge under Dover Little Hybrid Minor:
x1456x36x12x16x36x1236 (lh 521364)
Mendip under Carlisle Little Hybrid Minor:
x1456x16x12x14.36x34.12 (lh 543162)
D2 under Carlisle Differential Minor:
x3456x16x12x14.36x34.14 (lh 542361)
Mendip under London Minor:
x1456x16x12x14.36x36.1236 (lh 541362)
D1 under George Orwell Little Hybrid Minor:
x1256x16x12x14.56x36.12 (lh 516432)
Mendip under George Orwell Differential Minor:
x1456x16x12x14.56x36.12 (lh 546312)
D1 under Benets Minor:
x1256x16x12x14.36x56.1236 (lh 514632)
Mendip under Benets Little Hybrid Minor:
x1456x16x12x14.36x56.12 (lh 541326)
D2 under Benets Differential Minor:
x3456x16x12x14.36x56.16 (lh 532641)
Aberfeldy Treble Place Minor:
x36x14x12x16x1256x56 (lh 16 134625)
Aberlour Treble Place Minor:
x36x14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 165324)
Abhainn Dearg Treble Place Minor:
x36x14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 16 134625)
Ailsa Bay Treble Place Minor:
x36x1456x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 142635)
Allt a Bhainne Treble Place Minor:
x36x1456x12x16x1456x56 (lh 14 146325)
Ardbeg Treble Place Minor:
x36x1456x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 142635)
Ardmore Treble Place Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x1256x56 (lh 14 145362)
Isle of Arran Treble Place Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 142563)
Auchentoshan Treble Place Minor:
34x36.14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 14 145362)
Auchroisk Treble Place Minor:
34x56.14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 135264)
Aultmore Treble Place Minor:
34x56.14x12x36x1456x56 (lh 14 145362)
Balblair Treble Place Minor:
56x56.14x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 136245)
Ballechin Treble Place Minor:
56x56.14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 142635)
Balmenach Treble Place Minor:
56x56.14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 136245)
The Balvenie Treble Place Minor:
56x56.14x12x36x1456x56 (lh 14 146325)
Banff Treble Place Minor:
x34x1456x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 135264)
Ben Nevis Treble Place Minor:
x56x1456x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 136245)
Ben Wyvis Treble Place Minor:
x56x1456x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 142635)
BenRiach Treble Place Minor:
x56x1456x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 136245)
Benrinnes Treble Place Minor:
34x34.16x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 165324)
Benromach Treble Place Minor:
34x34.16x12x16x1456x56 (lh 16 134625)
Blackwood Treble Place Minor:
x34x14x12x16x1456x56 (lh 12 136245)
Bladnoch Treble Place Minor:
36x36.14x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 164523)
Blair Athol Treble Place Minor:
36x36.14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 164523)
Bowmore Treble Place Minor:
x34x1456x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 142563)
Braeval Treble Place Minor:
x34x1456x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 142563)
Brora Treble Place Minor:
34x56.14x12x16x1256x56 (lh 12 142563)
Bruichladdich Treble Place Minor:
34x56.14x12x16x3456x56 (lh 12 142563)