Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
SS Philip and Jacob
Friday, 7 December 2012 in 3h 5 (19–0–11)
5088 Spliced Major (12 Methods)
512 each Apple D, Bank D, Commercial Rooms S, Cornubia D, Dunster S, Knights Templar S, Portwall S, Prairial D; 256 each Bridge LTB, Llandoger Trow D, Old Fish Market D; 224 Seven Stars DLH; 159 com, atw for all 8 bells.
1 Alan G Reading (C)
2 Gabrielle L Cowcill
3 Matthew D Dawson
4 Katharine A Hill
5 Rebecca J Cox
6 Anthony J Cox
7 Ian R Fielding
8 Edward P D Colliss
Believed to be the first normal length peal of Major containing all possible 480 4-bell runs at the front and back.
New Methods:
Bank Delight Major:
f -36-6-56-1-4-5-6-3
Bridge Little Treble Bob Major:
b 3-36.1-5-34
Commercial Rooms Surprise Major:
c -36-456-5-6-4-5-34-3
Cornubia Delight Major:
l -3-4-2-1-2-5-36-5
Knights Templar Surprise Major:
e -36-4-2-6.34-34.5.6-36.5
Llandoger Trow Delight Major:
l -5-4.5.2-1-4-5-34-5
Portwall Surprise Major:
m -3-6-256-3-34-5-36-1
Old Fish Market Delight Major:
f -5-4.5.2-1-4-5-34-5
Seven Stars Differential Little Hybrid Major:
2z -5-4.5-5-4-5-36-
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911