St George
Saturday, 18 October 2008 in 3h 22 (18–2–14)
5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Composed by D.G.Hull
1 Lenard J Mitchell
2 Peter C Randall
3 Rachell Mitchell
4 Mark A Humphreys
5 Oliver M Austin
6 Paul B Hunter (C)
7 Ernest W Runciman
8 Samuel M Austin
9 John H Fielden
10 Derek J Thomas
11 Frederick Shallcross
12 Peter L Furniss
First 12 bell peal on the bells, in the tower and in the Kingdom.
Congratulations to Bethany Clague (Deputy Tower Captain, Double Parish Walker and Offical Local Hero) on her sucess in the Flybe Pride in Mann Awards 2008.