St Andrew's
Monday, 4 July 2016 (13 cwt)
1 Hour and 30 Mins General Ringing on Six
(including Rounds & Call Changes, Plain Hunt on five & Plain Bob Doubles.)
1 Janet Crafer
2 Janet Risdale
3 Roger Parkes
4 Christopher Woodcock (C)
5 Yvonne Woodcock
6 Bob Hardwick
7 Tess Rowlands
8 Joan Simpson
9 Toby Bere
10 Monty Bere
Practice Night rung to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.
Rung remembering all those who took part in the Somme, especially remember the three Ingall Brothers from Timberland, being:
Lance Sergeant Amos Ingall who was badly wounded twice in the leg on the first day of the Somme (1st July 1916) and was discharged on medical grounds due to the severity of these wounds (living to the age of 94),
Lance Corporal Fred Ingall who took part in the Somme and survived (living to the age of 100),
and Sergeant Herbert Ingall who took part in the Somme and survived only to be killed in action a year later at Passchendaele (on 16th August 1917).
All three Brothers learnt to ring at Timberland and Amos & Fred who survived the Great War both rang throughout the rest of their lives (Amos at Branston & Fred here at Timberland).