Oxford Society
32 Chilswell Road
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 in 1h 58 (11 in G♯)
5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
41m: Allendale, Alnwick, Annable's London, Bacup, Bamborough, Berwick, Beverley, Bourne, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carlisle, Chester, Coldstream, Cunecastre, Durham, Hexham, Hull, Ipswich, Kelso, Lightfoot, Lincoln, London, Morpeth, Munden, Netherseale, Newcastle, Norfolk, Northumberland, Norwich, Primrose, Rossendale, Sandiacre, Stamford, Surfleet, Warkworth, Wearmouth, Wells, Westminster, Whitley, Wooler, York
1–2 Simon A Bond
3–4 Robin O Hall
5–6 Mark A Bell (C)
Nearly two years in the making (after much practice, perseverance, beer, wine and cheese, major surgery, and the hosting of the 12-bell final).
First in hand not of Plain Bob Minor: 1-2.
First of spliced surprise, spliced minor and most methods in hand: 3-4.
First in hand in more than one method: 5-6.
First in hand as conductor not of Plain Bob Minor.
First of Surprise in hand for the Society.
With thanks to Claire, Dorothy and Helen for their support and encouragement, and compliments to the composer for this tour de force and his selection of compositions of spliced surprise minor.
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