Stanford Dingley, Berkshire
St Denys
Friday, 11 November 2016 in 44m (6–0–15)
1293 Treble Bob Minimus (4m)
Remembrance Day Treble Bob, Poppy Treble Bob, For the Fallen Treble Bob, Last Post Treble Bob
1 Carol Waller
2 Ken Waller
3 Ben Waller (C)
4 Joanne A Waller
The following methods are believed to have been rung for the first time:
Remembrance Day Treble Bob: 34xx14xxx34 le 12 (342)
Poppy Treble Bob: 34xx14xx12.34 le 12 (342)
For the Fallen Treble Bob: 34xx14x12x34 le 12 (342)
Last Post Treble Bob: 34xx14x12.12.34 le 12 (342)
Rung half-muffled on Remembrance Day, remembering the fallen.