Society of Cambridge Youths
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
University Church of St Mary the Great
Sunday, 6 November 2016 in 57m (24–1–1)
1388 Spliced Maximus (7 Methods)
Ariel, Phobos, Zanussi Surprise, Deimos, Maypole, Walt Disney Alliance, Slinky Differential Little Treble Place. The last 3 parts of the cyclic 6.
Composed by D J Pipe
1 Megan A Corless
2 Cecilia E C Pipe
3 Henry J W Pipe
4 George Unsworth
5 Elizabeth A Orme
6 William T Bosworth
7 Oliver P Bardsley
8 Stephen A Croxall
9 Robert B S Oakeshott
10 Jonathan A Agg
11 David J Pipe (C)
12 Phillip M Orme
First spliced Maximus: 3