St Andrew's
Monday, 17 October 2016 (13 cwt)
1 Hour and 30 Mins General Ringing on Six
(including Rounds & Call Changes, Plain Hunt on five & six, Plain Bob Doubles & Minor and All Saints Place Doubles.)
1 Janet Crafer
2 Janet Risdale
3 Roger Parkes
4 Paul Sharp
5 Christopher Woodcock (C)
6 Yvonne Woodcock
7 Bob Hardwick
8 Anne Hardwick
9 Sister Maureen Pike
Practice Night rung to mark the 227th anniversary of the bells being cast by Thomas Osborn of Downham Market and officially opened and rung for the first time on 23rd October 1789.
The opening was recorded in the Norwich Journal dated 31st October 1789:
“On Friday last a new peal of six bells were opened at Timberland in the County of Lincoln by a society of ringers from Bicker in the said county with the peals of treble and court bob. After much good ringing on that day the gentlemen in the town and neighbourhood met at the Miller’s Arms where the evening was spent with the greatest harmony and satisfaction. The bells were cast and hung by Thomas Osborn of Downham in Norfolk and are allowed by capital Judges to be a very fine peal of bells.”