St Chad
Saturday, 1 October 2016 in 2h 43 (10–1–6)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by Johnson's Var
1 Derek J Thomas
2 Jeffrey Brannan (C)
3 Christine Andrew
4 Jane Owen
5 Brian J Owen
6 Alan F Scholfield
7 James E Andrews
8 Frederick Shallcross
150th together 2 & 6.
Circled the tower as conductor.
Rung on the occasion of a joint “celebration?” for four ringers based at St Michael’s, Ashton-Under-Lyne plus one other based at St John’s Roughtown, Mossley in the early 1960’s, all of whom achieve(d) the age of 70 between July and November this year. Michael Rigby (Jul), Jeffrey Brannan (Aug), Margaret Marshall/Wright (Sep), Wendy Malloch/Lee (Oct) and Christine Andrew (Nov).
Also, for the wedding of local ringer Sally Foster and John Dodd whose wedding followed this peal.