The Old Stoke Yoofs
Ipswich, Suffolk
76 Rectory Road
Friday, 2 September 2016 in 19m (13 in E♭)
1274 Minimus (30m)
One extent each: Steeping Court, Reverse Steeping Court, Double Steeping Court, Guisborough Bob, Double Wooly-Back Bob, Grandsire, Reverse Grandsire, New Grandsire, Reverse New Grandsire, Plain Bob, Reverse Bob, Double Bob, Single Court Place, Reverse Court Place, Double Court Place, Canterbury Place, Reverse Canterbury Place, Double Canterbury Place, St Nicholas Bob, Reverse St Nicholas Bob, Spirolux Bob. Four extents: Original. Two courses each: Shapwich Block, Reverse Wirral Block, Breamore Block, Angela Block, Kent Block, Oxford Block, Orion Block. One course: Cross Differential
1–2 Colin F Salter (C)
3–4 George M Salter
This is what happens when you get bored...
Most minimus methods for both
The following methods are believed to have been rung for the first time as blocks:
Shapwich Block xx34.14xxx14 LH1
Reverse Wirral Block xx34.14xxx14 LH2
Breamore Block xx34.14.12.12x14 LH1
Angela Block xx34.14x12.12.14 LH1
Orion Block (2nds place made by the 2 at the start then) 12x12.
Possibly the first quarter that has taken longer to put up than it took to ring?