Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
Blessed Virgin Mary
Saturday, 13 August 2016 in 2h 25 (4–0–21)
5040 Doubles (42 Methods)
Wainfleet Place, Chase Bob, Dirt Monkey Bob, Quirister Bob, St Augustine Bob, Evening Star Place, All Saints Place, Hertfordshire Bob, Lancashire Bob, Herefordshire Bob, Nottinghamshire Bob, Malty Bob, Chevasse Place, Callender Bob, Montgomeryshire Place, Eaglethorpe Bob, Thurning Place, Wigsthorpe Bob, Armston Place, Twineham Bob, Bampton Place, Fifield Bob, St Ouen Place, Westminster II Bob, Blackburn Place, St Hilary Bob, Dragon Place, New Bob, Huntspill Bob, St Vedast Bob, Blaisdon Bob, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, St Nicholas Bob, Winchendon Place, St Remigius Bob, Huntley Place, St Simon's Bob, St Martin's Bob, St Osmund Bob, Eynesbury Bob, Plain Bob, Grandsire
1 Debbie C Parfrey
2 Andrew H Ball
3 Nicki J Lang
4 Robert Perry (C)
5 Jonathan D Storey
6 Claire O'Mahony
First peal for 25 years and first tower bell peal - 1
Remembering Mary Dobinson, who passed away 9 years ago yesterday, mum of 6.
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