St Peter
Saturday, 13 August 2016 in 41m (8 cwt)
1260 Doubles (17m/V)
Shipway Place, Farley Mount, Beacon Hill, Old Winchester Hill, Lewesdon Hill, Pilot Hill, Selborne Hill, Portsdown Hill, Pilsdon Pen, Danebury Hill, Hurstbourne Hill, Butser Hill, Melbury Hill, Coney's Castle, Eggardon Hill, Colmer Hill, Lambert's Castle Hill
1 Ken Waller
2 Joanne A Waller (C)
3 Jonathan Waller
4 Ben Waller
5 Carol Waller
The following variations rung for the first time:
100 u/g: Lewesdon Hill
100 w/g: Pilsdon Pen
100 y/g: Melbury Hill
100 x/c: Coney's Castle
100 x/f: Eggardon Hill
100 x/g: Colmer Hill
100 x/h: Lambert's Castle Hill
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911