York Colleges Guild
St Lawrence
Wednesday, 15 June 2016 in 41m
1280 Spliced Minor
York Colleges Guild Alliance Minor and Little Bob Minor
1 Claire Pearson
2 Charlotte Alford
3 Lucy Williamson
4 Claire Reading
5 Eric Wolever
6 Nathan Cox (C)
The serious bit...
First in method by all.
First of spliced minor: 3,4,6.
First spliced: 2.
With many thanks to David Hull, Don Morrison, Derek Jones and James Hibbert for their assistance with the composition.
The funny bit...
Least appropriately dressed and first in a skirt: 1.
Rung for the first wearing of her new shoes: 4.
The band would like to associate William L K Brooke with this quarter peal who listened diligently to the whole thing from the church yard :)
Rung to celebrate the end of term and to prove to Ryan Mills that we can do cool stuff without him #shotsfired #bellringing #topbants #endofterm #YOLO #archbishopofbanterbury #bantelopeatthewateringhole