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Saturday, 6 May 2023Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire240 Call Changes
Friday, 3 June 2022Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire70 Queens and Platinum Call Changes
Sunday, 1 December 2019Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire1260 Doubles (3m/v)
Wednesday, 30 August 2017Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire1272 Treble Dodging Minor (2m)
Sunday, 3 November 2013Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire1260 Stepney Bob Minor
Saturday, 29 July 2006Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire5040 Treble dodging Minor (7m)
Saturday, 18 May 2002Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire5040 Minor
Friday, 21 July 2000Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Saturday, 19 April 1997Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Saturday, 28 October 1978Crofton (All Saints), West Yorkshire5040 Minor (3m)


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