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Friday, 15 June 2012Cambridge (16 Godesdone Road), Cambridgeshire10080 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Saturday, 23 November 2002Worcester (64 London Road), Worcestershire25560 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
Wednesday, 26 August 1998Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire14040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Wednesday, 12 August 1992Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire13680 Rutland Surprise Royal
Wednesday, 11 September 1991Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire13680 Pudsey Surprise Royal
Wednesday, 8 August 1990Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire13680 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
Thursday, 8 June 1989Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire15120 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
Thursday, 20 August 1987Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire11880 Superlative No. 2 Surprise Royal
Thursday, 20 November 1986Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire12120 Spliced Surprise Royal (4m)
Sunday, 18 August 1985Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire15120 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
Sunday, 22 July 1984Barrow-on-Soar (106 Beaumont Road), Leicestershire10440 Bristol Surprise Royal
Saturday, 1 February 1975Leicester (Cathedral Belfry), Leicestershire21680 Kent Treble Bob Royal
Sunday, 18 July 1971Southampton (Lindum, Hanley Road), Hampshire10000 Spliced Plain Royal (6m)
Saturday, 21 December 1968Marple (6 Ashwood Crescent), Cheshire15160 Oxford Treble Bob Royal
Saturday, 23 December 1967Norbury (Hazel Grove) (In the Belfry of the Church of St. Thomas), Cheshire19620 Plain Bob Royal
Saturday, 14 December 1963Marple (Whingarth, Ridge Road), Cheshire13320 Plain Bob Royal
Saturday, 17 October 1953Bournemouth (26 Wellington Road), Dorset15840 Plain Bob Royal
Sunday, 2 May 1948Cambridge (Cambridge & County Bowling Club), Cambridgeshire10800 Plain Bob Royal


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