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This page gives a report of the performances matching your search criteria.

There were 11 matching performances.

Liverpool Universities Society
Hale, Cheshire
St Mary
Sunday, 27 January 2002 in 39m (8–0–0)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Victoria JM Halliwell
2 Lindsey C Bryant
3 Lindsay F Smith
4 Daniel J Vernon (C)
5 John Hyden
6 John A Fraser
Rung on the 40th anniversary of the first quarter peal for the Society, Grandsire Doubles on the same six bells, when they were still hung in Christ Church, Bootle.

Liverpool Universities Society
Bidston, Merseyside
St Oswald
Friday, 22 February 2002 in 2h 29 (5–1–24)
5040 Minor (12m)
(1) London S, Wells S; (2) York S, Durham S; (3) Kent TB, Oxford TB; (4) St Clement's CB, Childwall B; (5) Beverley S, Surfleet S; (6) Cambridge S (7) Plain B
1 Frank NG Anderton
2 Susan D Sparling
3 Peter L Furniss
4 Geoffrey C Sparling
5 Peter S Bennett
6 Daniel J Vernon (C)
Most minor: 6, and for the Society. With thanks and best wishes to Rev Steve Mansfield and family, leaving the parish for Heswall.
Ringing World page reference: 4742.0262

Liverpool Universities Society
Liverpool, Merseyside
Our Lady & St Nicholas, Pier Head
Saturday, 23 February 2002 in 53m (41–3–15)
1311 Stedman Cinques
1 Peter S Bennett (C)
2 Lenard J Mitchell
3 Victoria JM Halliwell
4 Peter L Furniss
5 Susan D Sparling
6 Andrew P Warboys
7 Daniel J Vernon
8 Christopher K Cooper
9 John H Fielden
10 Richard I Allton
11 Marc Hart
12 Geoffrey C Sparling
First in method: 7. Rung on Dinner Day as an engagement compliment to Richard Johnson & Sarah Payne.

Liverpool Universities Society
West Derby, Merseyside
St James
Sunday, 10 March 2002 in 50m (12–1–13)
1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 Beverley J McLoughlin
2 Peter L Furniss
3 John Hyden
4 Lindsay F Smith
5 Daniel J Vernon
6 Giles R Blundell (C)
First Surprise as conductor. Rung on Mothering Sunday to congratulate the conductor on his election as an Honorary Life member of the Society.

Liverpool Universities Society
Heswall, Merseyside
St Peter
Saturday, 22 June 2002 in 37m (8–0–9)
1272 London Surprise Minor
1 Richard R Moore
2 Lisa Williams
3 Kenneth W Price
4 Peter L Furniss
5 Geoffrey C Sparling
6 Daniel J Vernon (C)
First in method: 2 & as conductor. First for the Society: 3. Rung to congratulate the conductor on successfully completing his Medical Degree, and as a get well compliment to Ken Moore, father of the treble ringer.

Liverpool Universities Society
Preston, Lancashire
St John the Evangelist
Sunday, 21 July 2002 in 3h 10 (17–1–10)
5082 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Composed by J H Fielden
1 John H Fielden (C)
2 Richard S Starkie
3 Lisa Williams
4 Elizabeth P Heaton
5 Daniel J Vernon
6 Ian Smith
7 Geoffrey H Pullin
8 Frank N G Anderton
9 Peter L Furniss
10 Lenard J Mitchell
First of Royal:3.
50th together:5, 9.
Rung in memory of Cyril Crossthwaite, aged 82, a member of the Society since 1965.
Ringing World page reference: 4763.0822

Liverpool Universities Society
Bath, Somerset
St Matthew, Widcombe
Thursday, 15 August 2002 in 45m (12 cwt)
1320 Norwich Surprise Minor
1 Daniel J Vernon
2 Lisa Williams
3 Susan D Sparling
4 Marc Hart
5 Peter L Furniss (C)
6 Geoffrey C Sparling
First blows in method & 50th different tower to a quarter: 2. 25th quarter together: 1,6.

Liverpool Universities Society
Moulton, Northamptonshire
SS Peter and Paul
Saturday, 28 September 2002 in 2h 37 (5–0–8 in E♭)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
(7m: 1 extent each London, Norwich, Berwick, Hexham, Surfleet, Beverley, Cambridge)
1 John E Heaton
2 Lisa Williams
3 Elizabeth P Heaton
4 Richard J Andrew
5 Martin J Bright
6 Daniel J Vernon (C)
Most methods: 2.
First 7 Surprise Minor: 4 and as conductor.
Rung to celebrate the wedding today of Richard "Pemby" Johnson and Sarah Payne.
Ringing World page reference: 4773.1065

Liverpool Universities Society
Liverpool, Merseyside
St Francis Xavier
Sunday, 3 November 2002 in 45m (16–1–6)
1287 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Dennis Chapman
1 Jennifer L Poole
2 Edmund J Crighton
3 Lindsey C Bryant
4 Lisa Williams
5 Martin J Bright
6 Daniel J Vernon (C)
7 Ian T Roche
8 Peter C Burgess
Rung by a LUSCR Band for the Liverpool Branch Quarter Peal Week. First Quarter on the bells since they became 'ringable' again.

Liverpool Universities Society
Edwalton, Nottinghamshire
The Holy Rood
Saturday, 23 November 2002 in 3h 19 (5–1–1)
7200 Treble Bob Minor (10m)
(1 ext each Chiltern, Pennine, Cotswold, Snowdon, Waterford, Trinity Sunday, Woodcock's Victory, Chadkirk, Norbury, Morning Star)
1 Marc Hart
2 Geoffrey C Sparling
3 John E Heaton
4 Andrew P Warboys
5 Peter L Furniss
6 Richard I Allton (C)
In memory of C Kenneth Lewis, who died on Wednesday 20 November.
Ringing World page reference: 4784.0006

Liverpool Universities Society
Liverpool, Merseyside
St Francis Xavier
Tuesday, 3 December 2002 in 49m (16–1–6)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by Glenn AA Taylor
1 Emma K Bull
2 Martin J Bright
3 Lisa Williams
4 Jennifer L Poole
5 Ernest W Runciman
6 Daniel J Vernon (C)
7 Ian T Roche
8 Peter L Furniss
Rung before the Mass to mark the 450th anniversary of the death of Saint Francis Xavier. 50th on the bells by the Society.