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This page gives a report of the performances matching your search criteria.

There were 3 matching performances.

North Staffordshire Association
Hanley, Staffordshire
St John the Evangelist
Saturday, 30 January 1932 in 3h 24 (18–2–2 in E)
5040 Kent Treble Bob Royal
Composed by J Reeves
1 John G Burrows
2 Charles S Ryles
3 John E Wheeldon
4 Wilfred Stevenson
5 Thomas Hurd
6 Robert G Lewis
7 William P Deane
8 Walter Longman
9 John Worth
10 Charles H Page (C)

North Staffordshire Association
Alsager, Cheshire
Christ Church
Saturday, 27 February 1932 in 2h 55 (10–2–20 in G♯)
5088 Kent Treble Bob Major
Composed by J Nicholl
1 Frederick H Crawley
2 John Brassington
3 Thomas Hurd
4 George W Biddulph
5 Albert Crawley
6 Charles Smith
7 Arthur Allman
8 Charles H Page (C)
70th peal and first peal in the method on an inside bell: 2
The ringers of the 2nd and 7th were elected members of the association prior to starting for the peal
Rung as a birthday compliment to Thomas Hurd
Ringing World March 4th 1932 No. 1093 Vol. XXVII page 148

North Staffordshire Association
Alsager, Cheshire
Christ Church
Saturday, 12 March 1932 in 3h 2 (10–2–20 in G♯)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by Middleton's
1 Jack Tipper
2 William P Deane
3 Wilfred Stevenson
4 John E Wheeldon
5 Thomas Hurd
6 Walter Longman
7 George W Biddulph
8 John Worth (C)
First peal of Surprise Major by all except ringers of 2nd and tenor
First peal of Surprise as conductor
First peal of Cambridge Surprise Major rung for the association
Ringing World March 25th 1932 No. 1096 Vol. XXVII page 195