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There were 8 matching performances.

Yorkshire Association
Bramley, West Yorkshire
St Peter
Monday, 21 February 1927 in 3h 5 (12–0–15 in F♯)
5024 Kent Treble Bob Major
1 W Waterhouse
2 T Latimer
3 S Helliwell
4 F Blackeith
5 J Thackray
6 F Jackson
7 H Blackeith
8 J S Eastwood (C)
First peal on the bells since the dedication of the new ring of 8 on 15th September 1923. First peal, 1. First peal of major, 3. First peal as conductor.

Yorkshire Association
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Minster Church of St George
Saturday, 2 April 1927 in 3h 26 (29–2–17 in C♯)
5008 Plain Bob Major
Composed by George Lewis
1 George Hawksworth
2 George Clark
3 James McClusky
4 Stanley Sheppard
5 J Edward Cawser (C)
6 Harry Barnes
7 Percy Gladstone
8 Arnold Hill

Yorkshire Association
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire
Priory Church of St Mary
Monday, 18 April 1927 in 3h 23 (25–2–14 in D)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Composed by J J Parker
1 George F Williams (C)
2 Thomas Whitfield
3 A Bernard Cook
4 Daniel Meadley
5 Herbert Howell
6 John H Chamberlain
7 John H Howell
8 John W Hobson

Yorkshire Association
Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire
St Mary
Monday, 6 June 1927 in 3h 35 (34–3–12 in D♭)
5147 Grandsire Caters
Composed by George F Williams
1 John H Chamberlain
2 George F Williams (C)
3 George Dowling
4 Harry Noble Imeson
5 Edward Rickett
6 Albert E Sellers
7 John H Howell
8 William Arthur Hudson
9 William Middleton
10 John W Hobson

Yorkshire Association
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Christ Church, Dore
Saturday, 24 September 1927 in 3h 9 (11–0–24 in G)
5056 Plain Bob Major
Composed by J R Pritchard
1 Miss Jessie Davenport
2 Miss Molly Davenport
3 Miss Elsie Smith
4 Norman Short
5 J E Lewis Cockey (C)
6 Ronald E Johnson
7 Arthur S Robinson
8 William Biggin
Rung for the festival of St. Matthew to commemorate the founding of the diocese of Derby, and the appointment and election thereto of Dr. Courtenay Pearce, sometime Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, as first diocesan Bishop.
First peal by the ringer of the treble (age 14), who is entitled to much credit for the way in which she rang her bell.
The conductor has now rung each bell in this tower through a peal of Bob Major for the Yorkshire Association, each being a ' first peal' of one kind or another. The ringers of the 3rd and tenor are from Norton, the rest the local company.
RW 1927 863.0627.

Yorkshire Association
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
Monday, 26 December 1927 in 3h 52 (40 cwt)
5080 Oxford Treble Bob Royal
Composed by Arthur Knights
1 Sidney Briggs
2 Albert H Ward
3 Benjamin A Knights
4 Arthur Knights (C)
5 William J Thyng
6 Walter Allwood
7 John T Brothwell
8 Haydn Thorpe
9 JohnThorpe
10 William A Cave
First peal of of Oxford Treble Bob Royal for 1 , 8, and 10.The peal was rung after meeting short forOxford Treble Bob Maximus .First peal of Oxford on the bells.

Yorkshire Association
Pontefract, West Yorkshire
St Giles
Tuesday, 27 December 1927 in 3h 1 (18–0–19 in F)
5040 Stedman Triples
Composed by Thurstan
1 John H Lenton
2 Thomas B Kendall
3 Arthur Walker
4 Frederick Seager
5 George Halksworth
6 William Brooke
7 Harry C Walters (C)
8 J Edward Cawser
First peal of Stedman 4 . Rung on the anniversary of the ringer of the second.

Yorkshire Association
Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire
All Saints
Saturday, 31 December 1927 (12–2–9 in F♯)
5040 Treble Bob Minor
1 William Green
2 William Ashworth
3 Arthur Panther
4 Arthur Gill
5 Robert J Ricketts
6 Albert Nash (C)
Being 720 each of Sutton , Blythe , Cawthorne , Shelley , Markham , Bolton Abbey and Fountain Abbey .