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This page gives a report of the performances matching your search criteria.

There were 7 matching performances.

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
St Wilfrid
Saturday, 8 April 1967 in 2h 47 (8–3–3 in A)
5040 Doubles (19m/v)
Two extents each of Grandsire, Rev St Bartholomew,Northrepps, Kirkby, Fortune, All Saints, Rushall, Zeus, Marchington, Rev Canterbury Pleasure,Southrepps, St Columb, Little Aston, Plain Bob and three extents each of Seighford, Kennington, Old and April Day.
1 Linda M Baguley
2 Maureen Green
3 Elizabeth A Hill
4 Martin J Kirk (C)
5 E Andrew Harrison
First peal: 1 and 3.
First inside: 2.

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Greasley, Nottinghamshire
St Mary
Saturday, 15 April 1967 in 2h 42 (13–1–7 in F♯)
5152 New Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton
1 David Stainsby
2 Elizabeth J Foster
3 Christopher P Starbuck
4 Peter Church
5 Susanna Poppleston
6 Alan H Bridges
7 Peter R Humphrey
8 George A Dawson (C)
First in the method: 1,2,3,4,6,8.
First of Surprise Major as Conductor.
RW1967 p312.

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Eastwood, Nottinghamshire
St Mary
Saturday, 24 June 1967 in 3h 13 (19–0–21 in E)
5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by Simon Humphrey
1 David Stainsby
2 Geoffrey W Randall
3 Peter Church
4 Richard S Starkie
5 Christopher P Starbuck
6 Frederick C Gobey
7 Simon Humphrey (C)
8 William L Exton
Birthday compliments to Peter Church and Susanna Poppleston both of Wollaton, Nottingham.
RW 1967, p592

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Balderton, Nottinghamshire
St Giles
Saturday, 2 September 1967 in 2h 45 (8–0–26 in A♭)
5024 Rutland Surprise Major
Composed by P G K Davies
1 Jack L Millhouse (C)
2 Harold F Gibson
3 Beryl N Reed
4 Edward W Colley
5 Louis Willders
6 Colin W Reed
7 Peter Wakefield
8 Bernard G North
First of Rutland: 2, 7
For the Patronal Festival

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Radcliffe on Trent, Nottinghamshire
St Mary
Saturday, 14 October 1967 in 2h 53 (14–2–5 in F♯)
5104 Plain Bob Major
Composed by Simon Humphrey
1 Peter Church
2 Anne Harris
3 David R McLean
4 Robert Preston
5 Ian V J Smith
6 David Stainsby
7 Owen Holmwood
8 George A Dawson (C)
Rung as a 65th wedding anniversary compliment to Stephen Loach, of Radcliffe. Also as a compliment to Simon Humphrey and Jacqueline Sewell upon their engagement; to Roy and Jane Blackler on the birth of a son, Jeremy Neil; and to Robert and Margaret Preston on the christening of their son, Philip Ian.
RW 1967 p782

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Holme Pierrepont, Nottinghamshire
St Edmund King and Martyr
Wednesday, 20 December 1967 in 3h 15 (11–1–14 in G♯)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
1 Ruth M Blackshaw
2 Sheila M Anthony
3 Andrew L B King
4 A Richard C Harris
5 Maurice W Harrison
6 Richard A G Inglis (C)
First Peal 4
First inside 3
Rung on the Vigil of the Feast of St Thomas

Southwell Diocesan Guild
Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
St Mary the Virgin and All Souls
Saturday, 23 December 1967 in 2h 54 (15–3–16 in E)
5024 Rutland Surprise Major
Arranged by Simon Humphrey
1 George A Dawson (C)
2 Peter R Humphrey
3 Peter Church
4 Michael Poppleston
5 John R Pratchett
6 Christopher P Starbuck
7 Richard A G Inglis
8 Simon Humphrey
The Wollaton Dinner Day peal.
Rung as a compliment to Peter Church and Carole Mason on their engagement.
RW 1968, p51.