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Kent County Association
Bromley Common, Kent
St Luke
Saturday, 22 April 1911 in 3h 14 (15–1–8 in F)
5040 Grandsire Triples
J.J.Parker's 12 part
1 Arthur Bygrave
2 Thomas Groombridge Snr
3 William Hewett
4 Albert Humphrey
5 Isaac Emery
6 George Durling (C)
7 Alfred James
8 George Huxley
This is a new ring by Messrs. Taylor, of Loughborough, and rung for the first time on Saturday, April 15th by the newly-formed band.
The Vicar, the Rev. C. C. Gosselin, and J. W. Wheeler Bennett Esq., the donor of the tower, clock and bells, and Mrs. Wheeler Bennett were there to wish the band success.
The first peal on the bells.
Treble - First peal away from the tenor.
3 - First peal in the method.
Bell News April 1911/p76

Kent County Association
Lee, Greater London
St Margaret
Saturday, 3 June 1911 in 2h 50 (14–1–5)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Holt's Original
1 J Crowder
2 W Weatherstone
3 G R Simmonds
4 F W Richardson
5 T H Hawkins
6 E E Richards
7 William J Jeffries (C)
8 A G Fisher
Rung in honour of the Birthday of H.M. King George V. also first Peal rung during the Rectorship of the Rev.R Meddings M.A.

Kent County Association
Ospringe, Kent
St Peter and St Paul
Saturday, 17 June 1911 in 4h 57 (17–1–8 in F♯)
8000 Kent Treble Bob Major
Composed by H Dains
1 Edward E Foreman
2 Ernest J Dobbie
3 Edwin G Buesden (C)
4 Frederick G Brett
5 Charles W Player
6 William Spice
7 Stanley B Dobbie
8 William J Walker
Rung as a birthday compliment to the ringer of the 7th, the band 'wishing him many happy returns.

Kent County Association
Holloway, Greater London
St Mary Magdalene
Saturday, 26 August 1911 in 3h 10 (17–2–15 in E)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton
1 Arthur W Hart
2 Alfred W Grimes
3 Thomas Groombridge Jun
4 Frank I Hairs
5 Frank Bennett (C)
6 James E Davis
7 Harry Warneit
8 Thomas Groombridge Sen
First peal in a surprise method: 1, 4.
First peal on the bells. (? it's the 12th!)

Kent County Association
Bromley Common, Kent
St Luke
Thursday, 31 August 1911 in 3h 11 (15–1–8 in F)
5040 Stedman Triples
Heywood's Variation
1 Thomas Groombridge Snr (C)
2 John H Cheesman
3 Rev F J O Helmore
4 Edwin Barnett Snr
5 Edward A G Allen
6 William Jeffries
7 Isaac Emery
8 John Weadon
5 - First peal of Stedman.
First peal of Stedman on the bells. It is also the first peal rang by officers of the Association, which were as
follows; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, two District Secretaries, one District Representative, four Central Council Representatives, and two Committee-men.
Bell News Sept 1911/p307

Kent County Association
Godstone, Surrey
St Nicholas
Saturday, 9 December 1911 (11–1–0 in G)
5040 7m Minor
7 methods: Duke of York, Woodbine, Oxford and Kent Treble Bob, Canterbury Pleasue, Plain Bob and Oxford Bob
1 Alfred A Jarrett
2 Percy Tidy
3 George Tooth
4 Leonard A Tidy
5 Samual G Heath
6 Edward J Hoad (C)
1st peal on the bells

Kent County Association
Bromley Common, Kent
St Luke
Saturday, 30 December 1911 in 3h 4 (15–1–8 in F)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Parker's 12 part
1 Arthur Bygrave
2 Albert Humphrey
3 George Huxley
4 Hubert Blackwell
5 William Somerville
6 Isaac Emery
7 George Durling (C)
8 Frederick Sear
Rung by The Society of Bromley Youths.
Tenor - first peal.
The conductor’s 50th peal.
Bell News January 1912/p514
RW 1912/p9