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There were 7 matching performances.

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Badgeworth, Gloucestershire
Holy Trinity
Saturday, 19 March 1932 in 3h (13 in F)
5040 Doubles (6m)
4 extents each Old, Chase, Plain, Canterbury, 16 St Dunstan's, 10 Grandsire
1 Albert J Newman
2 Thomas Davis
3 William Oakey
4 C Laurence
5 George Kilminster (C)
6 Charles Staite
First peal - 4. Birthday compliment to Tower Captain Bill Oakey.#
(RW p.197)

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Cirencester, Gloucestershire
St John the Baptist
Monday, 28 March 1932 in 3h 45 (29)
5007 Stedman Cinques
Composed by Gabriel Lindoff
1 Alfred E Reeves
2 Edward P Duffield
3 William Pye (C)
4 Francis J Lewis
5 Charles T Coles
6 George R Pye
7 William J Prescott
8 Walter F Judge
9 James Bennett
10 Rev Cyril W O Jenkyn
11 Richard T Hibbert
12 Joseph T Dyke
Source - W Pye peal book

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Bristol, Bristol
St Stephen the Martyr
Saturday, 7 May 1932 in 3h 14 (21 in E)
5007 Stedman Caters
Composed by Henry W Haley
1 Edgar Guise
2 William Knight
3 Frederick G Leaker
4 Alfred E Reeves (C)
5 George Popnell
6 Percy C Williams
7 John G Jeffries
8 Frank Skidmore
9 Joseph Gould
10 James H Shepherd
Arranged for the marriage of Miss Dora Burford (daughter of Mr John Burford) to Mr Philip Davies, which took place earlier in the day. Seven of the ringers are officials of the association, and the band was constituted as a tribute to Mr J Gould, Master, for his jubilee as a church bellringer.
Ringing World page reference: 1103.0315

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Elmore, Gloucestershire
St John the Baptist
Saturday, 28 May 1932 in 2h 40 (12–0–9 in F♯)
5040 Doubles
Being ten six-scores of Grandsire and 32 six-scores of St. Dunstan’s, each called differently.
1 Arthur E Ellis
2 Philip Pockett
3 Thomas Baldwyn (C)
4 William F Littleton
5 Arthur H Heaven
6 William Hooper

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Elmore, Gloucestershire
St John the Baptist
Saturday, 16 July 1932 in 2h 47 (12–0–9 in F♯)
5040 Doubles
A Peal of Grandsire & St. Dunstan's Doubles.
1 George Wasley
2 Hubert Scrivens
3 Harry Worrall
4 Thomas Baldwyn (C)
5 William Wasley
6 Ernest Matthews

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Bristol, Bristol
All Saints
Thursday, 3 November 1932 in 2h 52 (18 in E)
5040 Stedman Triples
Composed by Heywood's Variation of Thurstan's Four-Part
1 Alfred Pearce
2 William A Cave
3 Alfred E Reeves (C)
4 Henry Pring
5 William Knight
6 Herbert Knight
7 John A Burford
8 Joseph T Dyke
This peal was arranged as a birthday compliment to the steeplekeeper, Mr George T Daltry. Rung in the octave of All Saints', and also on the eve of the 50th birthday of the Vicar, the Right Rev. the Bishop of Malmesbury.
Ringing World page reference: 1130.0751

Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association
Knowle, Bristol
Holy Nativity
Saturday, 26 November 1932 in 3h 3 (12–2–3 in G)
5040 Stedman Triples
Composed by Sir A P Heywood
1 William A Cave (Holy Nativity) (C)
2 Annie Brown (St Philip's)
3 Richard Clark (St Andrew's, Clifton)
4 Alfred Pearce (St James')
5 Alfred E Reeves (St Stephen's)
6 Henry Pring (St Mary Redcliffe)
7 William Stowell (St Luke's, Brislington)
8 Uriah W Braven (St Luke's, Bedminster)
Rung with the bells muffled as an 'in memoriam' peal to the late Edward Feltham, the donor of the tower and bells, on the second anniversary of his death.
First peal on the bells.
Ringing World page reference: 1133.0800