Lancashire, Bolonium, Venusium or Sheffield Surprise Major

This is step 5 in the yellow pathway.

Bands may find that each of these four methods poses a challenge. Which will you try?

  • Lancashire is a double method which combines the backwork of Whalley with the frontwork of Malpas. It has the spikiest line of the four, but is a double method. The a group Plain Bob lead end order may help too.
  • Bolonium combines a formulaic overwork with a right-place underwork. It is the eighths place version of Jovium, and twelve-bell ringers may recognise it as the obvious contraction of Phobos.
  • Venusium is Double Dublin over Deva. If the Deva underwork looks familiar, this may be because it is Superlative with a firsts place half-lead. Perhaps the easiest of the four on paper, but it is easy to drift into Bristol or Superlative by mistake.
  • Sheffield takes the overwork of Glasgow and gives it a simpler, right-place underwork which also happens to be more musical. The Glasgow overwork is perhaps the hardest of the four, but may be familiar to some bands.


Recent performances

Tuesday, 3 March 2020 Fulbourn (St Vigor), Cambridgeshire 1280 Venusium Surprise Major
Wednesday, 8 January 2020 Cambridge (Our Lady and the English Martyrs), Cambridgeshire 1272 Spliced Triples and Major (3m)

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