At least two of the St Simon’s group on pp 24–5 of the diary

This is step 4 in the blue pathway.

The sixteen methods on pages 24–5 of the 2020 Ringing World Diary are every possible combination of four backworks and four frontworks, as shown in the following table.

St Simon’s St Martin’s St Osmund Eynesbury
St Nicholas Winchendon Place St Remigius Huntley Place
Westminster II Blackburn Place St Hilary Dragon Place
New Bob Huntspill St Vedast Blaisdon

Methods in the same row share a backwork; methods in the same column share a frontwork.

It is not necessary to ring these methods spliced – ringing separate extents as part of a quarter peal or extended touch is fine – but splicing some of these methods needn’t be difficult.

Recent performances

Sunday, 5 January 2020 Wellington (Cathedral Church of St Paul), New Zealand 1260 Doubles (2m)

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