Grandsire Doubles

This is step 1 in the blue pathway.

Grandsire Doubles is one of the oldest methods still rung regularly today, probably dating to the 1640s or ’50s, but is none the worse for that. It is sometimes neglected because, as a twin hunt method, it is unlike most other commonly rung doubles methods. Dodging at handstroke can also be unfamiliar. But Grandsire provides a useful step on the way to ringing Stedman, and extends elegantly to all odd stages where it provides a useful introduction to ringing on higher numbers.

If Grandsire is familiar territory for your band, consider making it more of a challenge by ringing some extents which involve extremes in addition to the regular bobs and/or singles. (A Grandsire extreme is printed on page 26 of the 2020 Ringing World diary.)