2020 Pathways

Not sure what to ring next? Looking for method variety, or a challenge? Try a 2020 Pathway.

Pathways are routes through a selection of methods. There are three 2020 pathways aimed at ringers of different levels: they are called the blue, red and yellow pathways. We suggest you’re comfortable with the starting point before you step onto the path. The first step shouldn’t be too difficult.

The lines for all pathway methods are in the 2020 Ringing World diary, which can be bought from our online shop. The diary gives simple quarter peal compositions for most.

The pathways are flexible. Go through at your own pace, or in a different order, ringing a performance of each step on the pathway during 2020. We’re anticipating most people will ring quarter peals for each step, but you can ring peals, extents, touches or just plain courses – and log them all here on BellBoard. You might want to conduct a whole pathway, or take the same band through.

Blue pathway

The blue pathway is for ringers looking to develop their ringing beyond Plain Bob Minor by learning some simple new doubles and minor methods.

A CompLib collection for this pathway can be found here.

Red pathway

The red pathway is aimed at ringers who can ring a surprise minor method and who wish to learn more methods on five, six, and optionally seven bells.

Yellow pathway

The yellow pathway takes ringers who can already ring some surprise major methods and expands their repertoire on eight bells with both plain and surprise methods.

A Complib collection for this pathway can be found here.