BellBoard Developments

We are pleased to announce that BellBoard now lists the contents of each issue of The Ringing World. This new facility will make it easier for subscribers to find articles and for existing readers to point potential readers/subscribers towards articles of interest.

From the BellBoard front page look out for ‘View the contents of this issue’ under the front cover image, and on the ‘Issues’ page, issues with contents have a small ’i’ icon next to their issue date. A list of articles is displayed with links to individual RW pages – subscribers can view the page with just one click, and non-subscribers will be invited to purchase a pdf copy of the issue.

At first only new issues will have their contents listed, but we will work to extend the archive backwards as well as develop search facilities. If you are interested in helping with this – or indeed any other aspects of BellBoard development or data – please get in touch with the Editor.

Developing BellBoard is made possible by the donations we receive from our subscribers and supporters and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support. Through your generosity we are able to improve this valuable resource.