Footnotes added to CSV download

We frequently receive feedback that users would like footnote data included in the CSV files available for download. We have been reluctant to change this as we know many users have set up automated scripts to download records, and changing the format would disturb them.

We have now implemented a new version of the download on a slightly different URL, which includes footnotes (in the final field before band details) and header information. Note also that where more than one bell is rung by a single ringer (e.g. in handbell performances), the relevant bells cell will now start with a tab character. This will force spreadsheet software to interpret the cell as text and prevent it from trying to format it as a date or number.

If you download a CSV file from the browser you will receive a file in the new version, while automated scripts will continue to receive the old format. If you wish to change, the old query ends &fmt=csv and the new ends &fmt=csv_header

A reminder, if you are downloading the results of a large search from the browser, that you can append ‘&pagesize=1000’ or some suitable number to increase the records shown.