Cumberlands Score a Hat Trick in the Whitechapel Trophy

The results of the 2019 London 12 Bell Striking Competition, held at All Saints, Kingston-upon-Thames on Saturday 26th October, were:

1st Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 90%
2nd Ancient Society of College Youths (Phobos) 88%
3rd St Michael, Cornhill 85%
4th Ancient Society of College Youths (Deimos) 83%
5th St Paul’s Cathedral 77%
6th Croydon, Surrey 75%
7th Southwark Cathedral (Red) 71%
8th University of London Society 58%
9th Southwark Cathedral (Gold) 51%
10th Middlesex CA and London DG 45%

Recordings of the test pieces and band photos are available on the Competition website