In memoriam — Judy Couperthwaite

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22 Jul 2018Fleet (20, Burnside)5184 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
19 Jul 2018Guildford (St Nicolas)5040 Swindon Surprise Royal
17 Jul 2018East Farleigh5088 Cambridge Surprise Major
15 Jul 2018Wandsworth (All Saints)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
14 Jul 2018Crondall (All Saints)1260 Grandsire Triples
12 Jul 2018Ockham (All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Minor
5 Jul 2018Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue)1259 Grandsire Caters
4 Jul 2018Chippenham (St Paul)1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Jul 2018New Alresford (28 Oak Hill)1260 Plain Bob Minor
30 Jun 2018Egham (St John the Baptist)5040 Whistler Delight Royal
29 Jun 2018Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue)1295 Grandsire Caters
29 Jun 2018Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue)1296 Little Bob Royal
29 Jun 2018Aldershot (St Michael Archangel)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
26 Jun 2018Hersham (St Peter)1344 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
26 Jun 2018Thatcham (St Mary)5000 Bristol Surprise Royal
24 Jun 2018Croome D'Abitot (St Mary Magdalene)1272 Primrose Surprise Minor
24 Jun 2018Farnborough (St Peter)1260 Grandsire Triples
24 Jun 2018Farnham (St Andrew)1280 Bristol Surprise Royal
22 Jun 2018Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue)1288 Little Bob Major
22 Jun 2018Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue)1312 Double Norwich Court Bob Major