In memoriam — Anna Gawley

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6 Oct 2023Rogate (St Bartholomew)1296 Norwich Surprise Minor
9 Sep 2023Hitchin (St Mary)5039 Grandsire Caters
24 Aug 2023Bishops Cannings (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Grandsire Triples
12 Aug 2023Havant (St Faith)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
10 Aug 2023Hitchin (2 Orchard Road)5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
10 Aug 2023Hitchin (St Mary)144 Stedman Triples
19 Jul 2023Hitchin (2 Orchard Road)5040 Minor (4m)
16 Jul 2023Trumpington (St Mary and St Michael)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major