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15 Jul 2023Holcombe (The Potters Yard Ring)1280 Plain Bob Major
21 Jun 2023Marston Bigot (St Leonard)5056 Hartfield Castle Delight Major
14 Jun 2023Keele (Woodlands)1320 Surprise Minor (2m)
12 Jun 2023Ditcheat (St Mary Magdalene)1260 Grandsire Triples
11 Jun 2023Bromyard (St Peter)1331 Grandsire Caters
9 Jun 2023Glastonbury (St John the Baptist)1260 Grandsire Triples
9 Jun 2023South Petherton (St Peter and St Paul)5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
7 Jun 2023Bradford Peverell (The Assumption of B V M)1320 Cambridge Surprise Major
30 May 2023Torquay (St Mary the Virgin)5003 Grandsire Caters
28 May 2023Chilcompton (St John the Baptist)1319 Grandsire Cinques
27 May 2023Uffculme (Piglet Ring)5088 Friendly Delight Major
25 May 2023Holcombe (The Potters Yard Ring)5152 Spliced Surprise Major (11m)
25 May 2023Huntsham (All Saints)5040 Vaught Alliance Major
25 May 2023North Wootton (Great Orchard Campanile)1260 Erin Triples
25 May 2023Shepton Mallet (St Peter and St Paul)1260 May Day Triples
24 May 2023Doulting (St Aldhelm)5040 Doubles (7m)
24 May 2023Southville (St Paul)1296 Surprise Minor (2m)