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27 Jul 2022Southwold (St Edmund King and Martyr)5184 Carpenter's End Delight Major
24 May 2022Offton (St Mary)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (2m)
23 May 2022Bury St Edmunds (2 Castle Road)5040 Plain Bob Major
22 May 2022Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund (the Norman Tower))1346 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
20 May 2022Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5092 Yorkshire Surprise Major
19 May 2022Beccles (1 Crown Court)1260 Plain Bob Minor
18 May 2022Hartest (All Saints)1272 Surprise Minor (2m)
18 May 2022Long Melford (Holy Trinity)1260 Grandsire Triples
18 May 2022Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
16 May 2022Moats Tye (Kimberley Hall ( Orchard Lawn))1296 Little Bob Royal
15 May 2022Huntingfield (St Mary)1368 Doubles (2m)