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24 Jun 2022Bishopstoke (St Mary)5003 Grandsire Caters
16 Jun 2022Ston Easton (Blessed Virgin Mary)5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
9 Jun 2022Bishopsteignton (Bishops-Ting-Tong)5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
30 May 2022Whiteparish (Anchorsholme,)1440 Plain Bob Minor
25 May 2022Ashwick (St James)1260 Grandsire Doubles
25 May 2022East Huntspill (Little Orchard Tower)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
25 May 2022Evercreech ('Halcyon')5040 Plain Bob Major
25 May 2022Lincoln (Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford)1296 Piglet Minimus
25 May 2022Marston Bigot (St Leonard)1260 Stedman Triples
25 May 2022Newnham on Severn (St Peter)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
25 May 2022Piddlehinton (St Mary the Virgin)5040 Surprise Minor (12m)
24 May 2022Midsomer Norton (St John the Baptist)1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
24 May 2022Watford (15 Harford Drive)1320 London Surprise Minor
23 May 2022Bury St Edmunds (2 Castle Road)5040 Plain Bob Major
19 May 2022Buckhorn Weston (St John the Baptist)1259 Plain Bob Minor
18 May 2022Bristol (St John on the Wall)5040 Spliced Treble Bob Minor (29m)
18 May 2022Marston Bigot (St Leonard)5088 Appleby Castle Delight Major
16 May 2022Exeter (St Petrock)1296 Francis Genius Delight Minor
16 May 2022Wells (St Cuthbert)1260 Plain Bob Royal
14 May 2022Uxbridge (St Margaret)1344 Yorkshire Surprise Major
13 May 2022Bradford on Avon (Whiteheads Lane)1272 Double Bob Minimus
12 May 2022Brockenhurst (St Nicholas)1260 Doubles and Minor (2m)
12 May 2022Shepton Mallet (St Peter and St Paul)1440 Spliced Surprise Major (3m)
12 May 2022Whimple (17 Bramley Gardens)5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major
11 May 2022Lincoln (Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford)1272 Lismore Minimus
11 May 2022Ringing Room ( Homelands)1312 Kent Treble Bob Major
10 May 2022Exeter (64 Mount Pleasant Road)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
10 May 2022Kingsteignton (Kings-Ting-Tong)1320 Ford Prefect Treble Bob Minor
10 May 2022Westbury on Severn (St Peter and St Paul)1296 Surprise Minor (3m)
8 May 2022Abingdon (St Helen)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
8 May 2022Chilcompton (St John the Baptist)5040 7 Surprise Minor
8 May 2022Chippenham (St Andrew)1260 Plain Bob Minor
8 May 2022Romsey (Abbey Church of St Mary and St Ethelflaeda)1260 Plain Bob Triples
8 May 2022St Buryan (St Buriana)5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
6 May 2022Awbridge (Clock House Bells)1296 Plain Bob Caters
6 May 2022Tulloch (Tulloch Lodge)1260 Minor (2m)
5 May 2022Bishopstoke (St Mary)1264 Plain Bob Major
5 May 2022Cheltenham (The Bicycle Ring)1260 Watford Junction Bob Minor
5 May 2022Chilcompton (St John the Baptist)1280 London Surprise Major
5 May 2022Oamaru (The Kowhai Mini Ring)1280 Kent Treble Bob Major
5 May 2022Puddletown (St Mary the Virgin)120 Plain Bob Doubles
4 May 2022Holcombe (The Potters Yard Ring)5040 Grandsire Triples