In memoriam — Margaret Bale

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11 Mar 2020 Ranmore (St Barnabas)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
8 Mar 2020 West Clandon (St Peter and St Paul)1260 Plain Bob Triples
2 Mar 2020 Esher (Christ Church)1260 Double Oxford Bob Triples
29 Feb 2020 Epsom (St Martin)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
28 Feb 2020 Beddington (St Mary)1260 Doubles (1m/10v)
27 Feb 2020 Ockham (All Saints)1260 Doubles (2m)
25 Feb 2020 Wokingham (All Saints)5040 Single Oxford Bob Triples
23 Feb 2020 Dorking (St Martin)1260 Plain Bob Triples
23 Feb 2020 Leatherhead (St Mary and St Nicholas)1260 Plain Bob Triples
22 Feb 2020 Camberley (St Michael, Yorktown)5088 Bristol Surprise Major
21 Feb 2020 Guildford (Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit)1313 Stedman Cinques
19 Feb 2020 Shalford (St Mary the Virgin)5024 Bristol Surprise Major
19 Feb 2020 Sheffield (Christ Church, Dore)5120 Sparrow Surprise Major