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10 Oct 2019Portsea (St Mary)1330 Grandsire Triples
10 Oct 2019Portsea (St Mary)120 Pubs Doubles
6 Oct 2019Grayshott (St Luke)1260 Plain Bob Minor
5 Oct 2019Taunton (St Mary Magdalene)5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
3 Oct 2019Ockham (All Saints)1260 Grandsire Doubles
3 Oct 2019Old Woking (St Peter)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
28 Sep 2019Egham (St John the Baptist)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
24 Sep 2019Toronto (Cathedral Church of St James)1320 Little Bob Maximus
22 Sep 2019Boston (The Advent)1260 Grandsire Triples
22 Sep 2019Guildford (Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit)1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus
21 Sep 2019Oxford (St Thomas the Martyr)5112 Spliced Treble Dodging Royal (6m)
20 Sep 2019Guildford (Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit)1200 Avon Delight Maximus
16 Sep 2019Pimlico (St Saviour)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
14 Sep 2019City of London (St Michael, Cornhill)5148 Spliced Maximus (8 Methods)
13 Sep 2019Hilton (St Mary Magdalene)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
10 Sep 2019Cheam (St Dunstan)1272 Spliced Oxford and Snowdrop Treble Bob Minor
10 Sep 2019Merton (St John Div)5040 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
9 Sep 2019Uckfield (Holy Cross)1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
8 Sep 2019Croome D'Abitot (St Mary Magdalene)1284 Plain Bob Minor
8 Sep 2019Shalford (St Mary the Virgin)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
8 Sep 2019West Clandon (St Peter and St Paul)1264 Plain Bob Major
8 Sep 2019Winchester (Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, St Peter, St Paul and St Swithun)1282 Yorkshire Surprise Royal