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27 Oct 2019Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
10 Oct 2019Melbourne (St Michael)1250 Ariel Surprise Maximus
7 Oct 2019Ticknall (St George)1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
4 Oct 2019Chellaston (St Peter)1260 Doubles (1p/4m)
20 Sep 2019Ticknall (St George)5088 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
17 Sep 2019Stanford on Soar (St John the Baptist)1280 Xanadu Surprise Major
17 Sep 2019West Hallam (St Wilfrid of York)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
15 Sep 2019Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
14 Sep 2019Breadsall (All Saints)1280 Oswald Delight Major
3 Sep 2019Benington (St Peter)5088 Rook and Gaskill Surprise Major
2 Sep 2019Ticknall (St George)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
1 Sep 2019Ashover (All Saints)1312 Cambridge Surprise Major
1 Sep 2019Leckhampton (St Peter)1320 Double Oxford Bob Minor
31 Aug 2019Liverpool (St Francis Xavier)1264 Plain Bob Major
30 Aug 2019Allestree (The Green Ring)1260 Doubles (2m)
30 Aug 2019Stoke on Trent (Minster Church of St Peter ad Vincula, Stoke-upon-Trent)1296 Plain Bob Caters
30 Aug 2019Ticknall (St George)1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor
27 Aug 2019Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)1259 Grandsire Caters
27 Aug 2019Ticknall (St George)1320 Treble Bob Minor (2m)
26 Aug 2019Chester (Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary)5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
26 Aug 2019Derby (St Peter)1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
26 Aug 2019Leighton Buzzard (All Saints)5036 Spliced Cinques and Maximus
26 Aug 2019Osmaston (St Martin)1272 College Exercise Treble Bob Minor
25 Aug 2019Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)1278 Grandsire Caters
25 Aug 2019Eastwood (St Mary)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
25 Aug 2019Ilkeston (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Oxford Treble Bob Major
25 Aug 2019South Croydon (St Peter)5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
25 Aug 2019Wirksworth (St Mary)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
24 Aug 2019Chelmsford (Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, St Peter and St Cedd)5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
24 Aug 2019Oxford (52 Hutchcomb Road)1305 Spliced Caters and Royal
23 Aug 2019Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)General Ringing, Inc Call Changes, Half Muffled, By Derby Cathedral Ringers and …
23 Aug 2019Derby (St Peter)1280 Kent Treble Bob Major
23 Aug 2019Thrumpton (All Saints)1296 Duke Of Norfolk Treble Bob Minor
22 Aug 2019Attenborough (10, Manor Avenue)1288 Spliced Royal (2m)