In memoriam — Neil Garrard

Ringing in thanksgiving for the life of Neil Garrard

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3 May 2019 Wareham (Lady St Mary) 1288 Middlesex Bob Triples
1 May 2019 Cattistock (St Peter and St Paul) 1280 Turramurra Surprise Major
29 Apr 2019 Carbis Bay (St Anta and All Saints) 1280 Cambridge Surprise Royal
28 Apr 2019 Ringwood (St Peter and St Paul) 1260 Plain Bob Triples
24 Apr 2019 Milford on Sea (All Saints) 1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
23 Apr 2019 Damerham (St George) 1368 Kent Treble Bob Minor
23 Apr 2019 Witchampton (St Mary and St Cuthberga and All Saints) 1296 Norwich Surprise Minor
22 Apr 2019 Wimborne Minster (St Cuthberga) 5007 Stedman Cinques