In memoriam — Ruth H Smith

Ruth H. Smith: Funeral Arrangements. At Ruth’s request there will be a private cremation. There is to be a Celebration of her Life at the Parish Church of SS Michael & Mary, Melbourne, Derbyshire at 12 noon on Tuesday 26 March. Open ringing 11.00 onwards.

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28 Apr 2019Kilburn (St Augustine)1260 Grandsire Doubles
14 Apr 2019Melbourne (St Michael)1260 Plain Bob Minor
8 Apr 2019Southam (St James)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
30 Mar 2019Melbourne (St Michael)1320 Plain Bob Cinques
29 Mar 2019Chellaston (St Peter)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
29 Mar 2019Lichfield (8 Beechfield Rise)720 Plain Bob Minor
29 Mar 2019Ticknall (St George)5040 Humberside Surprise Royal
27 Mar 2019Heywood (St Luke)5040 Uppertown Alliance Major
26 Mar 2019Melbourne (St Michael)120 Ruth Smith Treble Bob Minor
26 Mar 2019Preston (Minster Church of St John the Evangelist)5040 Yettington Delight Royal
25 Mar 2019Bushby (18 Dalby Avenue)5088 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
25 Mar 2019Oaks in Charnwood (St James Greater)720 Beverley Surprise Minor
24 Mar 2019Calverley (St Wilfrid)1280 Plain Bob Major
24 Mar 2019Philadelphia (St Mark)1260 Grandsire Triples
24 Mar 2019Sheffield (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)1263 Stedman Cinques
21 Mar 2019Melbourne (St Michael)252 Stedman Cinques
20 Mar 2019Keele (Woodlands)5088 Cambridge Surprise Major
20 Mar 2019Winford (The Blessed Virgin Mary and St Peter)1344 Vaguely Surprise Major
17 Mar 2019Melbourne (St Michael)1260 Grandsire Doubles
15 Mar 2019Great Longstone (The Vicarage)5040 Treble Dodging Minor (6m)
15 Mar 2019Ticknall (St George)1264 Plain Bob Major
14 Mar 2019Hitchin (2 Orchard Road)5184 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
14 Mar 2019Whiteparish (Anchorsholme)5040 Delight Minor (8m)
13 Mar 2019Belper (The Campanile)1272 Ruth Smith Treble Bob Minor
13 Mar 2019Derby (1 The Green)336 Plain Bob Major
12 Mar 2019City of London (St Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street)5000 Spliced Surprise Royal
12 Mar 2019Hartington (St Giles)1260 Battersea Bob Triples
11 Mar 2019Beeston (St John the Baptist)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
11 Mar 2019Gloucester (The Mythering)1260 Single Hunslet Bob Royal
11 Mar 2019Wordsley (Holy Trinity)1260 Minor (2 Methods)
10 Mar 2019Harrow on the Hill (3 The Foss)5120 Bristol Surprise Major
9 Mar 2019Aston on Trent (All Saints)1320 Mixed Doubles
9 Mar 2019Coleorton (St Mary the Virgin)5024 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
9 Mar 2019Lockington (St Nicholas)1259 Grandsire Caters