Week ending Monday, 27 March 2017

Sunday, 26 March 2017
Armitage (St John the Baptist), Staffordshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Ashford (St Mary the Virgin), Kent 1280 Spliced Treble Bob Major (2m)
Aughton (Christ Church), Lancashire 5040 Plain Bob Triples
Banwell (St Andrew), Somerset 5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
Bardwell (SS Peter and Paul), Suffolk 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Bathwick (St Mary the Virgin), Somerset 1250 Rutland Surprise Major
Beeston (St John the Baptist), Nottinghamshire 1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
Beverley (St Mary), East Riding of Yorkshire 1259 Grandsire Caters
Birchington (All Saints), Kent 1260 Julie McDonnell Bob Doubles
Bisley (All Saints), Gloucestershire 1280 Plain Bob Major
Bramcote (St Michael and All Angels), Nottinghamshire 1280 St Osmund Bob Doubles
Breadsall (All Saints), Derbyshire 1250 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
Bromyard (St Peter), Herefordshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Caistor (SS Peter and Paul), Lincolnshire 1280 Plain Bob Major
Cambridge (University Church of St Mary the Great), Cambridgeshire 1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Chilcompton (St John the Baptist), Somerset 1250 Bristol Surprise Major
Christchurch (Priory Church of the Holy Trinity), Dorset 1344 Plain Bob Major
City of London (St Vedast) 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Clifford (St Mary the Virgin), Herefordshire 1320 Plain Bob Doubles
Clive (All Saints), Shropshire 1380 Grandsire Doubles
Coggeshall (St Peter ad Vincula), Essex 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Corston (All Saints), Somerset 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Coventry (Ruined Cathedral Church of St Michael), West Midlands 1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
Darlington (St Cuthbert), Durham 1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Dawlish (St Gregory), Devon 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints), Derbyshire 1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
Dyrham (St Peter), Gloucestershire 1260 Bob Doubles
Eaton Socon (St Mary), Cambridgeshire 5010 Illston Alliance Major
Elsham (All Saints), Lincolnshire 1260 Mental Block Bob Minor
Ewerby (St Andrew), Lincolnshire 1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Fallowfield (Holy Innocents), Lancashire 1280 London Surprise Major
Fulham (All Saints), Greater London 1260 Grandsire Triples
Garsington (St Mary), Oxfordshire 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
Gloucester (Cathedral Church of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity), Gloucestershire 1259 Grandsire Caters
Goring on Thames (St Thomas of Canterbury), Oxfordshire 1280 Rutland Surprise Major
Guildford (Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit), Surrey 1281 Spliced Cinques and Maximus (2m)
Guildford (St Nicolas), Surrey 1272 Coldstream Surprise Minor
Hailsham (28 Harmers Hay Road), East Sussex 1263 Stedman Triples
Halifax (Minster Church of St John the Baptist), West Yorkshire 1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
Henley (St Peter), Suffolk 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Histon (St Andrew), Cambridgeshire 1250 Superlative Surprise Major
Hooe (Dewby's Bells), East Sussex 1296 Surfleet Surprise Minor
Hooe (Dewby's Bells), East Sussex 1320 Abbey Place Doubles
Hornchurch (St Andrew), Essex 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Horsley (St Martin), Gloucestershire 1260 Grandsire Triples
Ipswich (St Margaret), Suffolk 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Kalamazoo (Dewing Hall, Room 206, Kalamazoo College), Michigan 1264 Plain Bob Major
Kensington (St Mary Abbots), Greater London 1280 Bristol Surprise Royal
Kenwyn (St Keyne), Cornwall 1280 Little Bob Major
King's Lynn (Minster Church of St Margaret), Norfolk 1260 Julie McDonnell Slow Course Minor
Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne), West Midlands 1260 Plain Bob Triples
Lammas (St Andrew), Norfolk 1320 Windrush Doubles
Langdon Hills (St Mary the Virgin and All Saints), Essex 1320 Spliced Doubles (16 M)
Leckhampton (St Peter), Gloucestershire 1320 Carlisle Surprise Minor
Leominster (SS Peter and Paul), Herefordshire 1260 Grandsire Triples
Lismore (St Andrew), New South Wales 1260 Singles
Llangarron (St Deinst), Herefordshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Longcot (St Mary the Virgin), Oxfordshire 1264 Plain Bob Major
Lowestoft (St Margaret), Suffolk 1320 2m Minor
Maidstone (St Michael and All Angels), Kent 1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
Mold (St Mary the Virgin), Flintshire 1260 Stedman Doubles
Nempnett Thrubwell (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset 1260 Doubles (5m)
New York (Trinity Church), New York 5042 Spliced Surprise Maximus
Newburn on Tyne (St Michael and All Angels), Tyne and Wear 1269 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Newport (Cathedral Church of St Woolos), Newport 1260 Grandsire Caters
Nocton (All Saints Church), Lincolnshire 1260 All Saints Place Doubles
North Moreton, Oxfordshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Oxford (Marston) (St Nicholas), Oxfordshire 1260 Doubles
Perth (The Bell Tower), Western Australia 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Pickering (SS Peter and Paul), North Yorkshire 1301 Grandsire Triples
Pitcombe (St Leonard), Somerset 1260 Doubles
Rothwell (Holy Trinity), Northamptonshire 1260 Stedman Triples
Rushden (St Mary), Northamptonshire 1260 Doubles
Saham Toney (St George), Norfolk 1260 Doubles (5 Methods)
Sampford Brett (St George), Somerset 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Sawbridgeworth (Great St Mary), Hertfordshire 1296 Beverley Surprise Minor
Sheffield (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul), South Yorkshire 5000 Bristol Surprise Royal
Shrewsbury (St Chad), Shropshire 1296 Stedman Triples
Sidcup (St John the Evangelist), Kent 1260 Doubles
Staines (St Peter), Middlesex 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Stanford le Hope (St Margaret of Antioch), Essex 1288 Grandsire Triples
Stoke Bruerne (St Mary the Virgin), Northamptonshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Swaffham Bulbeck (St Mary), Cambridgeshire 1260 Stedman Triples
Swanage (St Mary the Virgin), Dorset 1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
Sydney (St James), New South Wales, Australia 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Tamworth (St Editha), Staffordshire 5040 Bristol Surprise Royal
Tunstall (St John the Baptist), Kent 1284 Plain Bob Minor
Washington (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul), District of Columbia 1260 Stedman Triples
Wellington (297 Main Street, Tawa), New Zealand 1344 St James Youths Exercise Bob Major
Wellington (Cathedral Church of St Paul), New Zealand 1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
West Kirby (St Bridget), Wirral 1320 York Surprise Minor
Wokingham (All Saints), Berkshire 1280 Spliced Surprise Major (3m)
Wootton St Lawrence (St Lawrence), Hampshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Worcester (Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary) 1287 Stedman Caters
Worcester (St Stephen, Barbourne) 5184 Spliced Surprise Major (14m)
Saturday, 25 March 2017
Abingdon (St Helen), Oxfordshire 1440 London No.3 Surprise Royal
Amersham (St Mary the Virgin), Buckinghamshire 5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Bacton (2 Pretyman Avenue), Suffolk 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
Bacton (St Mary the Virgin), Suffolk 1296 Lincoln Surprise Minor
Balga (The Alphabet Ring), Western Australia 1260 Doubles
Blackburn (Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin), Lancashire 1260 Plain Bob Royal
Bobbing (St Bartholomew), Kent 1296 Hull Surprise Minor
Branston (All Saints Church), Lincolnshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Bristol (Holy and Undivided Trinity), Bristol 5152 Zuider Zee Surprise Major
Bromham (St Owen), Bedfordshire 5024 London Surprise Major
Burgess Hill (St John the Evangelist), West Sussex 1260 Grandsire Triples
Burwood (St Paul), New South Wales 5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Calgary (Christ Church, Elbow Park), Alberta 1260 Doubles (2m/1v)
Calverhall (Holy Trinity), Shropshire 1320 St Eustace Of Luxeuil Delight Minor
Canterbury (Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ), Kent 1331 Grandsire Caters
Carmarthen (St Peter), Carmarthenshire 1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
Chelford (St John the Evangelist), Cheshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Chester (All Saints, Hoole), Cheshire 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Chester (Old St Mary's), Cheshire 1260 Doubles (1 P and 2 M)
Chew Magna (St Andrew), Somerset 5120 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
Colston Bassett (St John Div), Nottinghamshire 5004 Colston Bassett Alliance Major
Curdridge (St Peter), Hampshire 1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Dawlish (17 East Cliff Road), Devon 5120 Superlative Surprise Major
Downs Barn (Cross and Stable), Buckinghamshire 5024 Lessness Surprise Major
Drayton Bassett (St Peter), Staffordshire 1320 Plain Bob Minor
Duxford (St Peter), Cambridgeshire 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Edderton (Sloibcoyle Croft), Ross-shire 1320 Plain Bob Minor
Fairford (St Mary the Virgin), Gloucestershire 5040 Grandsire Triples
Gravesend (St George), Kent 5120 Princess Pocahontas Surprise Major
Great Shelford (St Mary), Cambridgeshire 1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
Grosmont (St Nicholas), Monmouthshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Hampreston (All Saints), Dorset 1260 Smithies Bob Minor
Haslingfield (All Saints), Cambridgeshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Higham Ferrers (St Mary the Virgin), Northamptonshire 1296 Plain Bob Caters
Highworth (St Michael), Wiltshire 5088 Emily Charlotte Surprise Major
Hinderclay (St Mary), Suffolk 1296 Kelso Surprise Minor
Hodnet (St Luke), Shropshire 1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
Hope (St Peter), Derbyshire 5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Hughenden (St Michael and All Angels), Buckinghamshire 5184 Xennapod Surprise Major
Kineton (Edgehill Ringing Centre), Warwickshire 1260 Doubles (1m, 3v)
Leigh on Sea (St Clement), Essex 1290 Julie McDonnell Alliance Major
Limehouse (St Anne), Middlesex 1259 Grandsire Caters
Lincoln (Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford), Lincolnshire 1272 Single Court Place Minimus
Linton (St Nicholas), Kent 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Little Eversden (St Helen), Cambridgeshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Little Shelford (All Saints), Cambridgeshire 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Meldreth (Holy Trinity), Cambridgeshire 1260 Grandsire Triples
Merrow (St John the Evangelist), Surrey 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Milton Regis (Holy Trinity), Kent 1320 Beverley Surprise Minor
Newcastle upon Tyne (St John the Baptist), Tyne and Wear 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Oadby (St Peter), Leicestershire 1288 Grandsire Triples
Ockham (All Saints), Surrey 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Orwell (St Andrew), Cambridgeshire 1280 Plain Bob Major
Pimlico (St Barnabas), Greater London 1260 Grandsire Caters
Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church), Lincolnshire 1260 Plain Bob Singles
Rayleigh (Holy Trinity), Essex 1344 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
Redgrave (St Mary), Suffolk 1296 Cunecastre Surprise Minor
Redruth (St Euny), Cornwall 120 Wedding Doubles Call Changes
Rochford (St Andrew), Essex 1260 Julie McDonnell New Bob Triples
Rock Ferry (St Peter), Merseyside 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Rolleston-on-Dove (St Mary), Staffordshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Sandridge (St Leonard), Hertfordshire 1260 Doubles
Sherfield English (St Leonard), Hampshire 5088 Earl Of Ducie Surprise Major
Southampton (St Mary), Hampshire 1296 Grandsire Caters
Thornham Magna, Suffolk 1260 Doubles
Thorpe Bay (St Augustine), Essex 1346 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Truro (Cathedral and Parish Church of St Mary), Cornwall 5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Twyford (St Mary), Berkshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Upton St Leonards (St Leonard), Gloucestershire 1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
Walsall (St Matthew), West Midlands 5079 Stedman Cinques
Wells (St Cuthbert), Somerset 1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Whittlesford (SS Mary and Andrew), Cambridgeshire 1260 Doubles
Wickham Skeith (St Andrew), Suffolk 1296 Coldstream Surprise Minor
Willingham (St Mary and All Saints), Cambridgeshire 1440 Surprise Minor (3m)
Yardley Hastings (St Andrew), Northamptonshire 1260 Grandsire Doubles
York (St Martin le Grand, Coney Street), North Yorkshire 1376 Spliced Major (2m)
Friday, 24 March 2017
Aldershot (12, Highfield Avenue), Hampshire 1312 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
Ashbocking (All Saints), Suffolk 1260 Lakesend Bob Minor
Awbridge (Clock House Bells), Hampshire 1296 Erin Caters
Balga (The Alphabet Ring), Western Australia 1280 Alphabet Ring Delight Major
Benhall (St Mary), Suffolk 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Bexhill on Sea (St Peter), East Sussex 1259 Grandsire Caters
Biddenham (St James), Bedfordshire 5040 Bedford Alliance Major
Buscot (St Mary the Virgin), Oxfordshire 1296 Red Nose Treble Bob Minimus
Compton Abbas (St Mary the Virgin), Dorset 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Corston (All Saints), Somerset 1320 Plain Bob Minor
Derby (St Peter), Derbyshire 1260 Canny Bob Triples
Duffield (St Alkmund), Derbyshire 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Epsom (St Martin), Surrey 1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Escrick (St Helen), North Yorkshire 1296 Plain Bob Caters
Fontmell Magna (St Andrew), Dorset 1260 Doubles (3 Methods)
Freeland (St Mary the Virgin), Oxfordshire 1260 Doubles
Frodsham (St Lawrence), Cheshire 1312 Wembley Surprise Major
Guernsey (Town Church), CI 1260 Double Court Bob Minor
High Ercall (St Michael and All Angels), Shropshire 1280 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
Holford (St Mary the Virgin), Somerset 1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Hooe (Dewby's Bells), East Sussex 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Hooe (Dewby's Bells), East Sussex 1260 2 Minor
Iwerne Minster (St Mary), Dorset 1260 Shipway Place Doubles
Kingston (St James), Dorset 1344 Superlative Surprise Major
Leonard Stanley (Erica Magnis Campanis), Gloucestershire 1344 Magnis Campanis Place Triples
Little Horsted (St Michael and All Angels), East Sussex 1260 Doubles
Llandaff (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul), Cardiff 1364 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Longcot (St Mary the Virgin), Oxfordshire 1260 Spliced Plain Minor
Margaret Marsh (St Margaret), Dorset 1279 Grandsire Doubles
Newick (St Mary), East Sussex 1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor
North Rauceby (St Peter), Lincolnshire 1260 Doubles (5 methods)
Northallerton (19 The Green, Romanby), North Yorkshire 5056 Deva Surprise Major
Nottingham (St Mary), Nottinghamshire 1360 London No.3 Surprise Royal
Over (St Mary), Cambridgeshire 1344 Superlative Surprise Major
Reach (Gable Farm Cottage), Cambridgeshire 1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Saddleworth (St Chad), Greater Manchester 5152 Low Force Delight Major
Shalford (St Mary the Virgin), Surrey 5040 Middlesex Bob Triples
Somerleyton (St Mary the Virgin), Suffolk 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Stebbing (St Mary the Virgin), Essex 5040 Plain Bob Minor
Stogumber (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset 1260 Doubles (1p,5m, and (5m/v)
Stogumber (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset 1260 Doubles (1p,5m, and (5m/v)
Stoke Prior (St Luke), Herefordshire 5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
Stretton Grandison (St Laurence), Herefordshire 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
Sydney (RC Cathedral Church of St Mary), New South Wales 1280 Bristol Surprise Royal
Thornford (St Mary Magdalene), Dorset 1272 York Surprise Minor
Tilehurst (15 Lytham End), Berkshire 5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Tilehurst (15 Lytham End), Berkshire 1312 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Wendover (St Mary the Virgin), Buckinghamshire 5024 Rutland Surprise Major
Wenhaston (St Peter), Suffolk 1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Yarkhill (St John the Baptist), Herefordshire 56 Plain Bob Triples
Thursday, 23 March 2017
Armidale (Cathedral Church of St Peter), New South Wales 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Beeston (17, Coniston Road), Nottinghamshire 1312 Oxford Treble Bob Major
Church Stretton (St Laurence), Shropshire 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Churchstanton (SS Peter and Paul), Somerset 1272 Surfleet Surprise Minor
Clapham (St Thomas of Canterbury), Bedfordshire 5040 Surprise Minor
Corfe (St Nicholas), Somerset 1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Crick (St Margaret), Northamptonshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Denby (St Mary the Virgin), Derbyshire 1272 Spliced Surprise Minor
Drighlington (St Paul), West Yorkshire 5088 Old Surprise Major
East Ilsley (St Mary), Berkshire 5058 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Hitchin (2 Orchard Road), Hertfordshire 5152 Lessness Surprise Major
Holme Lacy (St Cuthbert), Herefordshire 5152 Spliced Surprise Major (16m)
Keele (St John), Staffordshire 5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
Keele (Woodlands), Staffordshire 5088 Lessness Surprise Major
Kingsteignton (St Michael), Devon 5184 Mexico Surprise Major
Laughton (All Saints), East Sussex 1260 Doubles
Leeds (Minster Church of St Peter), West Yorkshire 1260 Stedman Triples
Liverpool (St Michael, Garston), Merseyside 5088 Glamorgan Surprise Major
Lydeard St Lawrence (St Lawrence), Somerset 1260 Grandsire Triples
Martin-by-Timberland (Holy Trinity), Lincolnshire 1260 April Day and Plain Bob Doubles
Merstham (St Katharine), Surrey 1282 Medway Surprise Major
Newport (Cathedral Church of St Woolos), Newport 1632 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
Ockham (All Saints), Surrey 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Pinhoe (St Michael and All Angels), Devon 1280 Rutland Surprise Major
Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church), Lincolnshire 1260 Devon Place Doubles
Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church), Lincolnshire 1440 Plain Bob Minor
Saham Toney (St George), Norfolk 1260 Single Oxford Bob Minor
Siston (St Anne Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary), Gloucestershire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
St Albans (St Peter), Hertfordshire 1400 Bristol Surprise Royal
Staple Fitzpaine (St Peter), Somerset 1380 Grandsire Doubles
Tring (SS Peter and Paul), Hertfordshire 1260 Grandsire Triples
Walkden (St Paul), Lancashire 5088 Ytterbium Surprise Major
West Buckland (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset 1296 Beverley Surprise Minor
Winford (The Blessed Virgin Mary and St Peter), Somerset 1260 Grandsire Triples
Worksop (St Anne), Nottinghamshire 5039 Grandsire Caters
Wednesday, 22 March 2017
Aston Rowant (The White House), Oxfordshire 5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
Babworth (All Saints), Nottinghamshire 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (18m)
Bassaleg (St Basil), Newport 1344 March Surprise Major
Bradford Peverell (The Assumption), Dorset 1344 Lessness Surprise Major
Brailsford (All Saints), Derbyshire 1296 Francis Genius Delight Minor
Brisbane (St John's Cathedral), Queensland 1320 Norwich Surprise Minor
Bristol (St John on the Wall), Bristol 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41 Methods)
Brompton Regis (Blessed Virgin Mary), Somerset 1260 Great Gable Bob Minor
Buckley (St Matthew), Flintshire 1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
Burnham (St Peter), Buckinghamshire 5120 Boveney Delight Major
Chelsfield (St Martin of Tours), Kent 1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Cherington (St John the Baptist), Warwickshire 5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (41m)
Chiddingstone (St Mary), Kent 1260 Grandsire Triples
City of London (St Michael, Cornhill (Vestry)) 5019 Stedman Cinques
Clunbury (St Swithin), Shropshire 1320 Norwich Surprise Minor
Exton (St Peter and St Paul), Somerset 1260 Pen Y Ghent Bob Minor
Frampton Cotterell (St Peter), Gloucestershire 1250 Ipswich Surprise Minor
Greenwich (St Alfege), Greater London 1296 Grandsire Caters
Hackney (St John at Hackney), Greater London 1280 Doubles
High Halden (St Mary the Virgin), Kent 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Highweek (All Saints), Devon 5058 Cambridge Surprise Major
Hollingbourne (All Saints), Kent 1250 Longstanton Delight Major
Hoo St Werburgh (St Werburgh), Kent 1260 Julie Mcdonnell Little Alliance Major
Hughenden (St Michael), Buckinghamshire 1292 Spliced Triples and Major
Ipswich (St Mary le Tower), Suffolk 1600 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
Keele (Woodlands), Staffordshire 1440 LXX Surprise Major
Leek Wootton (All Saints), Warwickshire 5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
Messingham (Holy Trinity), North Lincolnshire 1260 Minor (2 Methods)
Newburn on Tyne (St Michael and All Angels), Tyne and Wear 1440 Plain Bob Doubles
North Cerney (All Saints), Gloucestershire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Painswick (St Mary the Virgin), Gloucestershire 1296 Sitting Bull Bob Caters
Pettistree (SS Peter and Paul), Suffolk 1272 Primrose Surprise Minor
Potterhanworth (St Andrew's), Lincolnshire 5040 Wragby Delight Minor
Sheffield (Christ Church, Dore), South Yorkshire 5088 Dunnock Surprise Major
Sproxton (St Bartholomew), Leicestershire 5010 Frampton Marsh Alliance Major
St Dominic (St Dominica), Cornwall 120 Whyatt Doubles Call Changes
Twickenham (All Hallows), Middlesex 1260 Doubles (2 Methods)
Wadhurst (SS Peter and Paul), East Sussex 1288 Grandsire Triples
Wolborough (St Mary), Devon 5056 Spliced Surprise Major (3m)
Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Alderney (St Anne), Alderney 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Bovey Tracey (Wobbly Bob's Campanile), Devon 5088 Uxbridge Surprise Major
Brightwell (St Agatha), Oxfordshire 5088 Glyn Ebbwy Surprise Major
Bristol (St John on the Wall), Bristol 1260 Doubles (11m)
Butleigh (St Leonard), Somerset 1260 Grandsire Triples
Cambridge (102 Mawson Road), Cambridgeshire 5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
City of London (St Mary le Bow, Cheapside) 1259 Erin Cinques
Clapham (Holy Trinity) 1260 Stedman Doubles
Elveden (Memorial Tower of SS Patrick and Andrew), Suffolk 5152 Dereham Surprise Major
Farnborough (St Giles), Kent 1320 Bourne Surprise Minor
Fordham (The Willows, 78 Mill Lane), Cambridgeshire 1276 Plain Bob Minor
Gravesend (St George), Kent 1260 Stedman Triples
Hamilton (222 Houchens Road) 1260 Plain Bob Minor
Hemingford Grey (St James), Cambridgeshire 1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
Hertingfordbury (St Mary), Hertfordshire 1272 Cape Wrath Lighthouse Surprise Minor
Hook Norton (St Peter), Oxfordshire 1260 Grandsire Triples
Kegworth (St Andrew), Leicestershire 1250 Julie McDonnell Surprise Major
Kineton (Edgehill Ringing Centre), Warwickshire 1260 Edge Hill Bob Minor
Kingsteignton (Kings-Ting-Tong), Devon 1320 Ludlow Delight Minor
Kingsteignton (Kings-Ting-Tong), Devon 1320 Richmond Delight Minor
Leeds (Cathedral Church of St Anne (RC)), West Yorkshire 5184 Lammas Surprise Major
Lightcliffe (St Matthew), West Yorkshire 1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Loddon (Holy Trinity), Norfolk 1320 Kent Treble Bob Minor
Maidstone (St Michael and All Angels), Kent 5152 Cray Surprise Major
Midsomer Norton (St John the Baptist), Somerset 1299 Stedman Caters
Moreton Pinkney (St Mary the Virgin), Northamptonshire 1320 March Doubles
Newton le Willows (St Peter), Merseyside 5040 Verulamium Surprise Royal
Parramatta (All Saints), New South Wales 5058 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Pershore (St Andrew's Centre), Worcestershire 5152 Pershore Surprise Major
Portsmouth (St Agatha), Hampshire 5056 Walkden Surprise Major
Roos (All Saints), East Riding of Yorkshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Seavington St Mary (St Mary), Somerset 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
Southampton (St Barnabas), Hampshire 1260 Winchendon Place Doubles
Uxbridge (St Margaret), Greater London 1344 Plain Bob Major
Warnham (The Bell Meadow Peal), Sussex 1280 Bristol Surprise Major
Wicken (St John the Evangelist), Northamptonshire 1260 Stedman Triples
Willoughby (St Helen), Lincolnshire 1400 Doubles and Minor
Wilmslow (9 Hawthorn Lane), Cheshire 5040 Kent Treble Bob Royal
Wimborne Minster (St Cuthberga), Dorset 1311 Stedman Cinques