Issue 5900: 24 May 2024

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The Ringing World issue 5900
Title Author Page
On the Cover - St James Taunton Phil Hope and Mike Hansford 462
Guide dog Woody joins the band Laura Parker 463
Teamwork solves a hearing problem Cara Davies 464
D-Day 80 ringing Vicki Chapman 465
The Accidental Band Simon Linford and Mary Jones 466
Letters to the Editor 467
A Tale of Four Peals - Part VIII - John Holt Richard A Smith 468
Peal Reports 471
Eighth and Quarter Peal Reports 473
Surrey Quarter Peal Month Paul Flavell 477
Obituary – Valerie Stone Michael and Julian Stone 478
Obituary – Christopher Marshall David Marshall 479
Notices 480
Slapton bells back in the belfry Margaret Winfield 482
Doubles of the month - Reverse Canterbury 483
Thought for the week - Looking up Jenny Holden 483
Trio of the Month - St Hybald singles 483
A wedding ringers’ gift Tony McIlwrick 484
A quick learner Christina Giannini 484

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