Issue 5855: 14 July 2023

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The Ringing World issue 5855
Title Author Page
On the Cover - RWNYC results Chris Wright (photo) 698
Project Resound – the final hurrah! Richard Loyd 700
Perhaps we can teach each other Eternal Optimist 701
Letters to the Editor 702
Peal Reports 703
Eighth & Quarter Peal Reports 704
Safeguarding crisis: Jesus weeps 708
CUG dinner, ringing and kinship Jadd Virji 709
Obituary – Avril Ivin Stephen Stanford 710
Obituary- Edwin Connington Michael Walpole 711
Notices 712
Minor jottings on alternative ways of ringing Mary Jones 712
Drinking, Biking and Perfect Striking Kevyn Hopkins-Hall 713
Doubles of the month 714
Painting a picture Alan Bentley 714
Trio of the month 715
The other Westminster Abbey Yolande Hasselo 715
Thought for the Week - Rest and Reflection Peter Davies 715
The images of the week - Kent Young Ringers Richard Horton 716
Mayor sets new ringing tradition Mike Walpole 716

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