Issue 5803: 15 July 2022

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The Ringing World issue 5803
Title Author Page
RWNYC - Éxito en Exeter (Sussex Young Ringers) Samuel Canning 668
RWNYC - From the judges Annabelle Frost 669
RWNYC - 2023 Contest in York Alison Edmonds and Elva Ainsworth 669
Letters to the Editor 670
Peal Reports 671
Down the pub A J Barnfield 673
Wigston Magna centenary tea James Freckingham 673
The ’Tenors of Worcestershire’ project David Bagley 673
RWNYC - From the eagle eye (Essex Young Eagles) 674
RWNYC - From a first-time band (Cornish Pasties) 676
RWNYC - By plane and train (D&N Young Ringers) Joel Cairns 678
Quarter Peal Reports 679
Obituary - Brian Telfer 682
Obituary - Edmund White 682
Tributes - Bill Brotherton and Tracey Goldsmith Caitlin Meyer 683
Notices 684
CCCBR Executive – meeting note Mary Bone 685
Cheating encouraged ... 685
RWNYC - the 2022 teams - band photos 686
Thought for the week Michael Haighton 688
The image of the week - Kids, Jack & Jill House Campanile David Mattingley (photographer) 688
Bisley Wedding Ian Bucknell 688

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