Issue 5764: 15 October 2021

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The Ringing World issue 5764
Title Author Page
Front cover photograph – Handbell peal underneath Gaia, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich Neil Thomas (photographer) 933
Editorial Will Bosworth 934
On the cover Christopher Teasdale 934
Bellringing motorcyclists’ Isle of Wight tour Janet Jones 935
Bells and bellringers in Glasbury prior to 1838 Colin A Lewis 936
10 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Editorial Robert A Lewis 938
Recruitment (a daydream) A J Barnfield 938
Letters to the Editor 939
’Ringing down ’ere’ Call Change ringing in the far south-west: The mystery unveiled John A Purdey and Owen J Borlase 940
Devon Call Change ringing and me Ryan Trout 943
The life and death of a Dorset clergyman: Part two Robert Wellen 944
What’s Hot on BellBoard Will Bosworth 946
Peal Reports 947
Quarter Peal Reports 948
Obituary – John Howard Sunderland Michele Winter 951
100 Years Ago in The Ringing World – Belfry gossip 952
75 Years Ago in The Ringing World – The end of the M.C.A. 952
Historic England updated guidance 952
Puzzle Page 953
The University of Surrey Society of Change Ringers at 50 Richard Major 954
Bell theft 955
Down the pub A J Barnfield 955
Thought for the week George Cringles 955
The image of the week – Dordrecht, Netherlands, try-out ringers 956
Light festival to feature artwork inspired by Worcester Cathedral’s bells and ringers Mark Regan 956

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